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Upgrading Novell Identity Manager Driver Configurations

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Posted: 12 Feb 2004

Upgrading driver configurations (from legacy DirXML 1.x to Nsure Identity Manager) has two aspects:

  • Converting the rules to Nsure Identity Manager (DirXML 2.0) policies. This is done by a conversion tool, and it does not enhance the functionality of the driver. Legacy drivers run without this conversion, but doing the conversion allows you to view the existing driver configuration in the DirXML 2.0 iManager plugins.

  • Upgrading the driver policies to add new functionality. This is best handled by a DirXML expert.

For the full details, see some of the great techniques pulled together by Novell's documentation department Upgrading a Driver Configuration from DirXML 1.x to DirXML 2.0 Format, and Managing DirXML 1.x Drivers in a DirXML 2.0 Environment.

Another (pretty obvious) alternative is to begin with the DirXML 2.0 driver configurations and customize them to do the same things your DirXML 1.x configuration does.

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