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Upgrading Existing Driver Configurations to Support Password Synchronization 2.0

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Posted: 12 Feb 2004

Nsure Identity Manager's Password Synchronization 2.0 includes some very cool enhancements. For a complete rundown of the enhancements, see the related article Password Synchronization across Connected Systems. For information on upgrading your drivers to leverage this improved functionality, read on.

We found a section in the documentation that explains the process for adding support for Password Synchronization 2.0 to existing driver configurations, instead of replacing your existing driver configurations with the DirXML sample configurations.

Here is an overview of the tasks you must complete, using the step-by-step procedure (as covered in the docs):

  • Convert the driver to DirXML 2.0 format.
  • Add driver manifest, global configuration values, and password synchronization policies to the driver configuration. For a list of the policies you add, see Policies Required in the Driver Configuration.
  • Change the Filter settings for nspmDistributionPassword attribute.
  • Set up password synchronization flow.

Get the full details here:

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