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Posted: 14 Sep 2004

Novell Delivers Innovative Visual Tools and Advanced Provisioning Capabilities to Simplify Identity Management

* Enhanced Provisioning Module for Identity Manager uses Novell exteNd technology to deliver provisioning capabilities with workflow and delegated administration.
* Designer for Identity Manager simplifies configuration and management through visual deployment tools based on the Eclipse open source development framework.

BARCELONA, Spain (BrainShare® Europe 2004) - Sept. 13, 2004 - Novell today announced significant enhancements for Novell Identity Manager designed to save organizations time and costs associated with configuration and management of their identity infrastructure. To reduce the complexity of identity management, the Enhanced Provisioning Module provides advanced provisioning with workflow and delegated administration capabilities, while Designer for Identity Manager 2 is a visual tool set that simplifies its deployment and configuration.

"Enterprise IT administrators require flexible and powerful tools to assist in the rapid deployment of provisioning technology," said Gerry Gebel, senior analyst with Burton Group. "Policy development, workflow design and configuration tools help IT administrators deploy and manage identity management systems in a more efficient and effective manner."

Leveraging the workflow and portal technologies from Novell exteNdTM, the Enhanced Provisioning Module delivers a feature-rich, end-user application environment for Novell Identity Manager. New features offered in the Module include:

  • Advanced approval workflow for provisioning allows end users or managers to request access to systems, applications or equipment, which then initiate workflow processes to obtain approval and provision the object.
  • Ready-to-use portlets deliver advanced white pages and organization charts that can display multiple levels of hierarchy, provide a list of individuals by attributes such as function or geography, and re-provision an employee by using drag-and-drop tools to assign them to their new team or responsibilities.
  • Delegated administration allows access rights to be delegated to users based on their role in the organization.
  • User administration tools provide the ability to administer end-user identity information, even for end users such as contractors, volunteers or customers who are not typically managed within the corporate Human Resources system but still need access to various resources.

Designer for Identity Manager is a visual tool that simplifies the configuration, design and management of identity infrastructures. Using a drag-and-drop interface, administrators can visually define models, policies and rules for their identity infrastructure without writing any code. This allows IT administrators to quickly configure their identity management solution and provides the flexibility to continually adapt it to their organization's dynamic business environment.

Designer for Identity Manager is based on the widely used and supported open source Eclipse framework. Novell is committed to deliver a common tooling strategy based on Eclipse across its products, and this provides a consistent interface for customers who may be using other Eclipse-based tool sets.

Novell CTO Alan Nugent said, "Using the state-of-the-art portal and integration technologies from our exteNd product line was the next logical step to enhancing the value proposition of our identity management solutions. This marks an early proof point in our execution of our identity-driven solutions vision."

Pricing and Availability

The Enhanced Provisioning Module will be available in October at as a free download to current customers of Identity Manager 2 and exteNd DirectorTM 5.2 Enterprise Edition.

Designer for Identity Manager 2 can be downloaded for beta testing at Both the Enhanced Provisioning Module and Designer for Identity Manager 2 are part of the Novell secure identity management solution. For more information please visit

Contact Information

For more information, call Novell's Customer Response Center at (888) 321-4CRC (4272) or visit Press should visit Press Contact:

Rod Anderson
Novell, Inc.
Phone: (801) 861-3407

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Pricing and Availability

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