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What is SecureLogin?

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Posted: 31 Jan 2003

As we work to launch this new Novell SecureLogin Community, the newsroom is littered with papers as we learn more about the technology we've been asked to cover.

One of the best and most concise documents we've found to date is a short piece explaining the features and benefits of SecureLogin. Here's an excerpt:

Novell SecureLogin is a directory-based, single sign-on solution that enhances your organization's security and efficiency. With SecureLogin, your employees only need to remember one password and log in one time to access all of their applications, Web pages and servers. In addition, SecureLogin enables your organization to provide employees worldwide with single sign-on access to network resources: even remote employees who are disconnected from the network can enjoy single sign-on functionality. These features provide increased employee productivity and reduce the time network administrators spend on password management.
To protect your login information, SecureLogin encrypts and stores authentication credentials in any 100-percent compliant Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3 (LDAP v3) directory, including Novell eDirectory. With eDirectory integration, SecureLogin stores your authentication information in SecretStore, a highly secure, patented repository located within eDirectory. Offering both convenience and security, SecureLogin provides authorized users with seamless access to network resources and protects those same resources against unauthorized access.

Here's where to read the full paper:

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