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SecureLogin Technical White Paper Now Available

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Posted: 27 Oct 2003

Novell has released a information-packed white paper that, frankly, does a great job explaining SecureLogin. This is a key document in anyone's understanding of this cost-saving technology.

This white paper can be read or downloaded in its entirety here:

Here are the topics covered:

  • Reduce Password Security Risks and Productivity Costs
  • Novell SecureLogin Overview
  • Overview of Novell SecureLogin Features and Capabilities
  • Novell SecureLogin Architecture
  • Directory Deployment Options
  • Product Requirements
  • Novell Nsure Secure Identity Management Solutions

Here's an excerpt:

Reduce Help Desk Costs
According to a recent analyst report, it costs an organization $25 to $50 every time a user calls the help desk with a password related problem. An eWeek study puts the cost at $45 each time a user forgets a password and it has to be reset. Other studies indicate that an average large, decentralized company with four to eight applications spends .83 hours of help desk time per user per year managing passwords. For an organization with 10,000 users and an average help desk pay rate of $15 per hour, this translates into $124,500 wasted annually in managing passwords at the help desk.

Novell SecureLogin puts organizations in a position to eliminate approximately 95% of these password related help desk costs. With a 10,000-user organization this results in a savings of $118, 275 per year.

Help Desk Costs
Number of users 10,000  
Average hours per year spent on resetting passwords 0.83  
Total hours spent by help desk 8,300  
Average hourly help desk rate x $15.00  
Total help desk cost of managing passwords $124,500
Percentage of Savings Provided by Novell Secure Login x .95
Expected Help Desk Savings Provided by Novell Secure Login $118,275

Novell SecureLogin enables organizations to achieve a real and quantifiable return on investment by reducing help desk costs associated with password resets. The ROI is significantly magnified when combined with user productivity savings.

Improve User Convenience and Productivity
Employee productivity drives your company's success, but productivity suffers when users forget their passwords and waste time on the phone with the help desk waiting to have their passwords reset. Studies indicate that 70.4% of all users call the help desk at least once a month to get help with a password-the average length of each call lasting 25.2 minutes. For an organization with 10,000 users and an average employee pay rate of $15 per hour, this results in $656,724 worth of lost productivity.

Lost User Productivity
Number of users 10,000  
Average % of users calling with password problems each month 0.704  
Total users calling help desk with password-related problems each month 7,040  
Average time per call in minutes x 25.2  
Total number of minutes lost of user productivity each month 177,408  
Total number of hours lost of user productivity each year 35,482  
Average hourly rate of employee $15  
Total cost of lost user productivity $656,724
Percentage of Savings Provided by Novell Secure Login x .95
Expected Productivity Savings Provided by Novell Secure Login $623,887.80

Download the complete white paper here:

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