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Creating Corporate Scripts for SecureLogin

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Posted: 27 Oct 2003

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Corporate scripts are normal scripts that are assigned to a Container object instead of to a User object.

Because they are automatically rolled out to all User objects held in the Container object, corporate Scripts simplify implementing and administering SecureLogin single sign-on. By using this method, you don't have to configure applications for each individual user in your organization. All users read and use the same scripts.

Windows Application, Web, Startup, and Terminal Launcher scripts can all be implemented as corporate scripts.

In a Microsoft ADS environment, use the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to create corporate scripts. In an NDS or eDirectory environment, use ConsoleOne to create corporate scripts. This section describes how to use ConsoleOne.

  1. Log in as Admin.

  2. In ConsoleOne, navigate to the Container object where you want to create the corporate script.

  3. Right-click the Container object, then click Properties.

  4. Select the Novell SecureLogin tab, then click New.

    The Novell SecureLogin tab

  5. Select New Application, enter the executable name of the program that you want to create a script for, select the script Type, then click OK.

  6. Double-click the new application in the application list.

    Locating a new application

  7. Select Script, then type the script into the text box.

    Where to type a script

    For assistance with scripting, see Script Commands.

  8. Click OK > Apply > Close.

  9. Browse the NDS or eDirectory tree and select a User object that is within the Container object that you just created the corporate script for.

  10. Right-click the User object, then click Properties > Novell SecureLogin.

    The User object has inherited the corporate script. Corporate scripts are distinguished from local scripts in the list by a small black triangle in the lower left-hand corner of the icon that sits beside the application name.

    The marker for corporate scripts

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