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Automated Install of SecureLogin

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Posted: 29 Oct 2004

Now installation of Novell SecureLogin 3.04 is even easier, thanks to an automated install process via InstallShield. You can even use a silent install, as explained later in this article. See also TID 10075450.

Note: The Novell supported method of rolling out applications you are already could use ZENworks "Novell Application Launcher" to roll out the product to numerous users simultaneously. ZENworks allows you to create and distribute a software packages with its Snapshot utility. For more information on ZENworks Snapshots see the ZENworks product documentation. This is .

Using the SecureLogin Setup Program

SecureLogin's setup program was built using InstallShield. Prior to Novell Secure Login 3.04 the InstallShield was not supported. InstallShield packages allow for the capturing and replaying of specific installation configuration options.

To create an InstallShield predefined selection list,

1. Copy the SecureLogin installation files to a network drive to be used as a software distribution point e.g \\PROT-FS1\DATA\Apps\Installs\SecureLogin.

2. Create a response file based on the installation options you require, such as: <Path to files>\Setup.exe -R

2A. Install SecureLogin using the options you want each user to have.

After Installation is complete, the setup.exe will create the file \WINDOWS\SETUP.ISS (or wherever the Windows directory is located e.g. \WINNT\).

3. Copy the response file to the same location as the SecureLogin install files, such as: \\PROT-FS1\DATA\Apps\Installs\SecureLogin\SETUP.ISS

4. The next time you want to install SecureLogin with the same options in an unattended way, use the following command-line options:

<Path to files>\setup.exe -S <filename>

... where <filename> is the script file created previously with the -R parameter. For example:

\\PROT-FS1\DATA\Apps\Installs\SecureLogin\Setup.exe -S


You can manually edit the setup.iss text file to change installation options. However, it is generally easiest and quickest to re-record a new response file for different setup configurations.

To install the NSL client silently you need to use the following example:

\\server1\sys\public\Apps\NSL351\Client\setup.exe -s f1"\\server1\sys\public\Apps\NSL351\client\setup.iss" -f2"c:\setup.log"

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