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Serverwatch praises use of the new 2.6 Linux Kernel

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Posted: 21 Dec 2004 explains the advantages to using the 2.6 Linux Kernel in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9. Some excerpts include:

"For enterprise applications in particular, the 2.6 kernel features many significant enhancements over the previous 2.4 kernel. It includes developments aimed at high-powered servers, such improved memory sharing for multi-processor systems and support for Hyper-Threading. The new kernel has also received major boosts in the amount of RAM and number of physical devices that can be addressed."

They continue saying, "Because 2.6 is a preemptible kernel, it can more efficiently handle heavy I/O loads and other system intensive tasks. 2.6 also features NPTL or Native POSIX Thread Library, which gives a big boost to multi-threaded applications running on Pentium Pro or higher processors."

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