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Linux Planet reviews SUSE 9.2 Professional

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Posted: 6 Jan 2005

Bill von Hagen, coauthor of Wiley's upcoming SUSE Linux 9 Bible, gives an insightful and in-depth first impression of SUSE 9.2 professional. His objective views come from a healthy dose of experience in the field. He took the installation through a handful of vastly different computers, including an IBM ThinkPad 380XD, a computer he refers to as "a creaking antique boat anchor of a laptop." Mr. von Hagen has such a pleasant experience with SUSE that he declares it his distribution of choice. Anyone who's ever experienced frustrations with other flavors of Linux should definitely give this review a read.

An excerpt below:

"SUSE 9.2 is robust, complete, and well thought out. It now says Novell, but that's a good thing. Novell has the budget, the motivation, and the enterprise experience to help SUSE be more than it might have been otherwise. If you're looking for a supported, complete, commercial Linux distribution, look at Between products such as SUSE 9.2, SUSE Enterprise Server, and the promise of future versions of NetWare hosted on Linux (guess which flavor), I think that we'll all be seeing a good bit more of SUSE in the future."

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