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Posted: 6 Jan 2005

Anand Vaidya has delivered a nice piece on SUSE 9.2 Professional. As he notes, many reviews focus on the installation of the operating system. Thus, he does not. His review is clear, simple, and objectively praiseworthy. As an interesting note, he mentions that though he has used several other distributions of Linux, he has settled into SUSE for day-to-day use.

Here's a small excerpt:

"SUSE 9.2 Pro definitely deserves the Professional tag in its name. It is a professionally made package, no doubt. It has a large set of software packages, excellent hardware support, is secure and fast. For the Advanced computer user, SLP9.2 is an excellent choice for desktop, laptop or small server usage. If you are a power user using Windows XP or Mac OSX, you would be surprised how far Linux has come."

Read the whole review here.

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