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NetMail 3.1 XE: Easy, Affordable Email

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By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 8 Oct 2002

NetMail 3.1 XE: Big Potential for Small Businesses

If you are a network administrator or consultant for a small business, you understand all too well the restraints of limited budgets. Most small businesses would not even consider deploying a collaboration program such as Novell GroupWise or Microsoft Exchange.

Read how NetMail 3.1 XE helps small businesses get the advantages of Internet mail at an affordable price in this Novell Connection article by Linda Kennard.

Here's a sample:

Small businesses interested in deploying relatively simple and inexpensive messaging systems should start by investigating Internet e-mail systems. Several players compete in the messaging market space for Internet e-mail, including Sun ONE Messaging Server (which was formerly called iPlanet Messaging Server), OpenWave Email Mx, Sendmail Mobile Message Server, Mirapoint Message Server, and Novell NetMail 3.1 (which was formerly called Novell Internet Messaging System, or NIMS).

If you are a network administrator at a small business (or a VAR with small business clients), you should check out all of these messaging systems--and one more: Novell NetMail 3.1 XE. Like NetMail 3.1, NetMail 3.1 XE meets a need for simple, inexpensive e-mail while offering several other handy features. Unlike its parent product, NetMail 3.1 XE was designed specifically for small businesses that run a Windows-only shop.

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