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Template Source files for NetMail 3.52

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Posted: 10 Jun 2004

These files are unsupported by Novell. A NetMail SDK is available at

This is an example of the compile parameters used to compile the webaccess template.

mwcomp webacc -b:c:\apps\netmail\templates -i:c:\apps\netmail\include -t:c:\apps\netmail -f The parameters can be found by running the mwcomp exicutable with a -h option.

webacc: This is the template to be compiled
This is the name of the directory where the sources exist

-b: is the base directory for the templates, the webacc and webmail directories exist in this base directory
-i: is where the include directory exists
-t: is where the compiled template will be put once compiled
-f: overwrites the template if one already exists

Download everything you need here:

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