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Posted: 10 May 2001

Novell iFolder Synchronizes Information Across the Net; Provides Reliable Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Novell Net services software code-named iFolder provides a simple and secure way to access, organize and manage data anywhere, anytime
  • iFolder automatically centralizes, synchronizes and secures files, no matter where the user works on them
  • iFolder takes advantage of Internet standards to make file access and management part of users' eBusiness strategy

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare 2001) - March 19, 2001 - Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net services software, today introduced revolutionary "access anywhere" information management software that liberates users from having to rely on any particular device to retrieve information or files. Code-named iFolder, the software is an in-the-Net information storage space that users can access from Internet-enabled devices. With Novell's iFolder, users gain automatic and secure synchronization of their files across all types of networks and on any computer or other browser-enabled devices, providing a true one Net experience. With no need to e-mail or copy data from one machine to another, a user's electronic bags are always packed with iFolder, while editing mistakes and menial updating tasks are eliminated.

"Novell iFolder is the simple and secure way to organize, manage and access your files, anywhere, anytime," said Jeff Hawkins, vice president of Novell's storage business team. "Whether you are working on your office or home PC, a disconnected notebook, or even at an Internet kiosk in an airport somewhere, your files are instantly available. If you are working offline, the work you do is updated the instant you reconnect. And when you move on to a different location and a different PC, your files are automatically updated to reflect the work you did elsewhere, with no file transfers required. And encryption keeps file synchronizations and backups secure."

Novell iFolder combines the strengths of Internet-hosted storage, hosted backups and automatic file synchronization without the inherent weaknesses of manual synchronization, storage-space limitations, poor security and proprietary architecture. iFolder uses Novell NDS eDirectory or any other LDAP-enabled directory for secure user authentication. iFolder will be included in Novell NetWare 6 and will be compatible with NetWare 5.1 and Windows NT/2000.

iFolder Simplifies File Access and Management

  • Provides access to files and applications anywhere, on any computer, using a standard Web browser.
  • Updates changes in data across multiple workstations automatically.
  • Allows users to work while connected or disconnected, with automatic synchronization of file changes.
  • Lets users access files through their familiar login procedures and folder view, regardless of device.
  • Eliminates complex login or security procedures; Internet access is all that's needed.

iFolder Secures File Access and Management

  • Encrypts sensitive files stored on the server to protect them from unauthorized access.
  • Automatically stores files on servers and multiple workstations to prevent data loss.
  • Ensures corporate data from local machines is centrally hosted and backed up.

iFolder Accelerates File Access and Management

  • Takes advantage of Internet standards to make file access and management part of eBusiness strategy.
  • Eliminates the need to perform a manual data file update to a machine before traveling.
  • Keeps bandwidth usage to a minimum by transmitting only the changes to a file, not the entire file.
  • Increases productivity because there are no longer bits of information that are out of sync; the information is the same on every machine a user works on.

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