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Calendar Printing: It's Bigger Than Both of Us

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By Jill Boogaard

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Posted: 3 May 1999

We've known for a long time that calendar printing has been a big deal for you, our GroupWise customers. It's been a big deal for us as well. And we've responded with answers, information, and feature articles like The Saga of GroupWise Calendar Printing and The Saga... Continues.

You'll be glad to know that your pleas for still more calendar printing options have been heard even further afield. Our friends at Nexic tell us that they have software with yet more ways to customize your calendar printouts. The Nexic Printing Press 5.2.4 gives GroupWise 5.2 and 5.5 users a whole new range of calendar printing options.

"We are in the business of adding value to GroupWise. We believe it is one of the greatest products around. There are many features in GroupWise, but some customers have specific needs that are not addressed in the GroupWise product," said Mark Featherstone of Nexic.

How Does the Nexic Printing Press Work?

The Nexic Printing Press works with GroupWise 5.2 SP2 and later, including GroupWise 5.5 SP1. You must have the GroupWise client installed on your workstation, but GroupWise doesn't need to be running. The Printing Press installation adds a menu item to the Windows Start menu as well as a menu item and toolbar button in the GroupWise client.

The user interface is very similar to the GroupWise Print Calendar interface, so you don't need to spend time learning a whole new routine.

What Can the Nexic Printing Press Do for Me?

"Our print engine was designed to address many of the needs that customers have expressed to us," said Featherstone. The Printing Press:

  • Uses word wrapping for text in appointments, tasks, and notes.

  • Provides many different calendar views, including a week form similar to the old favorite in the GroupWise 4.1a client.

  • Highlights unaccepted appointments, tasks, or notes in italic font.

  • Sorts tasks by priority, start date, and due date.

  • Optionally limits the number of lines that print for appointments, tasks, or notes. (You all know people like to ramble on when they write a message. With this option, you can limit the number of lines so you don't end up with several pages devoted to one message.)

  • Remembers whether or not you want duplex printing, so you don't have to go to the printer Properties dialog each time you print.

  • Prints the word "continued..." at the end of the message text before printing the next page when text spans to another page.

  • Prints all pages using the selected calendar form, rather than printing subsequent pages in list format.

  • Prints three, four, and six month planning calendars. These calendar forms print the month calendars and leave blank areas for you to add additional activities.

  • Prints blank calendar forms.

  • Prints without grey highlighting if you want to save printer ink.

And take a peek at Printing Press Forms to check out the many and varied calendar forms you can print with the Printing Press!

What Are People Saying about the Nexic Printing Press?

"This is a great addition to GroupWise. Having additional calendar views is great! I really like the detail you can go into when customizing how the information is going to print," said Bryant Wilson, GroupWise Product Planning Manager at Novell. "It has been so useful, that I find that I am now using calendar printing every day."

"The Printing Press offers more flexibility than you get with just GroupWise. We have had Nexic create some custom calendar views for us that print out just the way we want them to. The custom forms show up automatically in their Printing Press program interface," said Jennifer Chambers at Metastorm.

"We are not ending our commercial development efforts with the Printing Press," says Featherstone. "We have other products under development that will add additional value to GroupWise. When we receive enhancement requests, or ideas for new products, we take them seriously. These forthcoming products are a result of what people are asking us for. Stay tuned!"

Where Can I Learn More about the Nexic Printing Press?

Check the Nexic website at The Nexic Printing Press version 5.2.4 is currently available. Pricing, an evaluation download, and additional information are available at Nexic's website.

And as you print your nifty new customized GroupWise calendar, don't forget us here at GroupWise Cool Solutions. Keep sending us your questions and suggestions -- you might raise an issue that inspires yet another great GroupWise enhancement or third-party solution!

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