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Welcome to GroupWise 5.1

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By Doug Anderson

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Posted: 1 Jun 1999

So you love GroupWise. You love the cool shared folders, the wicked document management, the handy new universal Mailbox, and you think that new Hit the Road feature is terrific. But you're wondering about better Internet integration. And come to think of it, you get an awful lot of work done while that GroupWise splash screen is up. Well, we've made some changes around here. We think the Internet is important too. And you should now be spending more time using GroupWise, and less time waiting while the world turns. Welcome to GroupWise 5.1.

Version 5.1 offers significant enhancements in performance, speed and scalability, as well as key Internet capabilities. Performance improvements fall into two categories: enhancements that improve the overall capacity and throughput of the GroupWise system (that is, they make things better for the administrator) and enhancements that improve the GroupWise client's responsiveness to the end-user (that is, they make GroupWise faster, better, stronger for ordinary people like you and me). Because we cater primarily to the end-user, let's start with the stuff everyone can see.

Internet/Intranet Integration
Because the Internet is so cool, let's start with Internet integration. Every time you put a URL in an e-mail message, whether in the subject or the message body, GroupWise finds it and automatically hyperlinks it to your default Internet browser. What does this mean? It means that if you see a URL in a GroupWise message, just click it. GroupWise will find your Browser, launch it, and go directly to whatever cool site someone was kind enough to pass along (like Not only that, but if you include an Internet e-mail address, GroupWise knows what to do with that too. Just click it, and a new Send Mail view opens, already addressed and stamped. The same goes for FTP filenames. In other words, GroupWise is Internet-savvy. You know what this means? We're blurring the line between GroupWise and web browsers. Now you're in GroupWise, now you're on the Internet. It's that easy. Here's what it might look like:


This could be included under Speed, but it's too cool to bury like that. With GroupWise 5.1 you don't have to wait for GroupWise to finish searching before you can start playing with the results. In fact, as soon as stuff starts appearing in the Find Results window, you can start using it. If you do a lot of Finding (ever use Doc Management?), you know how important this is. If you don't do a lot of Finding (remember, you don't have to lose something first to find something), now you have a great reason to start.

Multi-User Calendar Printing
Remember this? You do if you used GroupWise 4.1a. Well, it's back. You can now print a composite calendar for as many users as you need. You can even add the schedules of resources, like conference rooms and overhead projectors. Well, I guess people are resources too, but we like to refer to them differently (as in, by their names, like Betty, Fred, or Barney). Here's a sample of a composite calendar:


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
I know, LDAP sounds silly if you say it out loud (El-Dap), but get this: you can now use GroupWise to look up user information in directories other than the standard GroupWise Address Book. LDAP is an industry standard protocol for directory access, and when your administrator adds LDAP support to the system, new worlds open up. LDAP support is provided through the MAPI address book service provider interface.

Performance (As in Speed)
Just like with a souped-up race car, GroupWise performance enhancements are mostly hidden under the hood. But here's what you will see: Start-up time is significantly reduced. We can't give you a benchmark here, but trust us, you'll be seeing your Mailbox much sooner in GroupWise 5.1. And the Address Book is faster. Not just faster, but way faster, in start-up mode, display mode, and especially in search mode.

Back-End Improvements
For you people pulling the strings and pushing the buttons, you'll be glad to know that client/server connections and other operations have been optimized, resulting in reduced overhead, faster start up, reduced memory requirements at the server, and increased message throughput (which means the Post Office Agent can support more active client/server users). Also, delivery of new messages to active users is now accomplished via Interrupts instead of Polling, significantly reducing network traffic. And cross-library searches in a client/server configuration are now done via a direct client/server request rather than through the Message Transfer Agent, improving response time and reducing network traffic. Smart, thinking-of-the-administrator-first improvements.

GroupWise 5.1 Open APIs
The GroupWise 5.1 Software Developer's Kit (SDK) includes all the APIs and provides excellent documentation on how to use the GroupWise 5.1 interface. All GroupWise 5.1 services are open through industry-standard APIs like MAPI, ODMA, SNMP, and CMC/CSA. You too can add value to Novell products. The open development environment of GroupWise 5.1 enables ISVs to enhance GroupWise and provide additional business solutions. Included on the GroupWise Partners CD, which is included with the shipment of GroupWise 5.1, are cool solutions from Callware Technologies Inc. (voice and call processing), Cheyenne (fax), Information Builders Inc. (report writing), Time Line Solutions Corporation (project management), and Quarterdeck Corporation (realtime document sharing).

GroupWise 5.1 Upgrade Window
We're going to list the exact legal gobbleygook that explains the ins and outs of how to upgrade to GroupWise 5.1 in a minute. But let's cut to the chase: if you have GroupWise 5 now, GroupWise 5.1 is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now, here's the lawyer stuff:

Under the terms of the GroupWise upgrade program, users who purchase(d) new GroupWise 4.1 licenses, upgrade licenses to GroupWise 4.1 or new GroupWise 5 licenses between August 1, 1996, and May 31, 1997, are eligible to receive an equal number of GroupWise 5.1 licenses at no additional cost by submitting a claim no later than June 30, 1997. Requests for fulfillment must be received by June 30, 1997. International customers are eligible for the free upgrade on purchases made up to 30 days after international versions of GroupWise 5.1 ship, and may submit claims no later than 60 days after international versions of GroupWise 5.1 ship.

Licensed users of SoftSolutions 4.x are also eligible for a free upgrade to GroupWise 5.1. SoftSolutions 3.1a customers have two upgrade paths available to them: they may either purchase SoftSolutions 4.1 upgrade licenses or they may purchase GroupWise 5.1 licenses at the upgrade price. SoftSolutions, Novell's document management software, works independently of GroupWise 4.1. With GroupWise 5.1, however, Novell has strategically integrated document management features and functions into GroupWise.

Fulfillment order forms, promotion details and additional information about GroupWise can be accessed on the World Wide Web at Customers can also call (801) 228-4272 for promotion and product information. Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East should fax completed order forms and a copy of a dated GroupWise 4.1 or GroupWise 5 receipt or purchase order to +353 1 703 8955. All other customers should fax completed order forms and a copy of a dated GroupWise 4.1 or GroupWise 5 receipt or purchase order to (801) 229-1566.

GroupWise 5.1 Availability
GroupWise 5.1 is now available in English and German versions. Additional language versions, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish are expected to be available at the end of April. Other language versions will follow shortly. If you speak a language we didn't list, please, feel free to let us know. We'll talk to the folks in International for you.

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