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Restoring Sent Items Folders the 5.5 Way

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Posted: 17 Jun 1999

Sent Items folders are cool. Except when you (or someone else) deletes one of them. We've heard from so many of you about this that the directions to restore the Sent Items folder appear on our FAQ page. Well, if you've moved on up (you know, to the East Side) to GroupWise 5.5, we've got news for you. In fact, if you haven't, this is one big reason to make the move. In pre-5.5, the process was a little complicated and took us more than a page of text to document. In GroupWise 5.5, it's a snap. Do this: from the Folder List, click File, New, Folder. Click Find Results Folder, Predefined Find Results Folder, Sent Items, Next. Position your folder in the Folder List then click Finish. That's it. Slick, huh? Our work is done. We're taking the rest of the day off. You don't even need an animated graphic to follow this.

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