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DocuWise: It's That Smart

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By Alan Smithee

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Posted: 12 Sep 2000

Current Version: GroupWise 5.5

We like to highlight our partners here at Cool Solutions. Well, we've been talking to the fine folks at 2ndC Americas, a wonderful group of developers who just happen to have a pretty nifty way to take advantage of, and build on, the GroupWise Document Management system.

As you probably know, Document Management is a way to comprehensively and automatically manage documents (paper or digital) within your organization. Document Management reduces time spent on creating, deleting, saving, searching, modifying and sharing documents. Document Management gives you the ability to efficiently combine structured and unstructured data within your organization, creating new levels of knowledge sharing.

The question is, Do you need Document Management? The value for your business will vary depending on your company's situation and the problems you're trying to solve. As a standard up-front benefit, core document functions such as saving, searching, modifying, creating and deleting will be easier. But Document Management can do more by improving your business practices, allowing you to introduce new, more efficient methods for employee interaction. Document Management becomes a key building block for moving your business to successful Knowledge Management.

The obvious follow-up question is, Why 2ndC DocuWise? Document Management? 2ndC DocuWise? delivers the following benefits to your firm:

  • All types of documents are organized, managed, and retrieved in a simple, efficient way.
  • All employees get direct access to relevant documents and information.
  • You don't have multiple copies of documents, since information is centrally stored.
  • Daily work is simplified and redundant procedures eliminated.
  • The organization as a whole is tied together better through Knowledge Management.
  • Individual employee contributions are effectively leveraged.
  • The organization saves time and money.
  • Company security is increased, since employees no longer keep documents on hard drives or disks.
  • Physical distance is no problem for sharing documents and information.
  • Information and knowledge is better shared company wide.
  • Structured and unstructured data is combined in a user-friendly way.
  • You get subscription options, which will reduce search time and make employees proactive.
  • You can easily use specific forms and templates to reduce time wasted and create cross-functional leverage.
  • DocuWise provides version control of documents.
  • Flexible indexing.
  • Journalizing.
  • Original documents are secured.
  • Log on searches.
  • Processes can be adapted quickly to adjust to rapid changes.

And, significantly, DocuWise helps promote customer loyalty be ensuring that all relevant data on a customer is readily accessible to those who need it. Not a bad thing at all.

Why GroupWise?

2ndC DocuWise? is based upon Novell GroupWise because GroupWise has a unique and powerful way of managing documents and messaging. Novell's NDS eDirectory provides ease of management and profiling that underpin all of 2NDC's solutions. 2ndC DocuWise is a comprehensive integrated Document Management solution (DMS) built on top of the GroupWise. The solution provides you with integrated Document Management capabilities that GroupWise doesn't deliver alone. DocuWise's scanning, registration, and profiling of all documents are key features that GroupWise lacks, and they allow companies more options to manage documents in ways that reflect their business processes (i.e., by company, individual, or some other index).

2ndC DocuWise also provides the ability to link and share all information from e-mails, voice-mails, e-faxes, and scanned documents with a company's ERP systems. By using 2ndC DocuWise, you can ensure that incoming information gets to the right person in your organization, and that key information is effectively disseminated across your business. 2ndC DocuWise provides an effective way to manage and rapidly retrieve information, and it scales to handle the toughest requirements. GroupWise provides strong basic functionality to store and secure documents; 2ndC DocuWise provides a true document management solution to tie together structured and unstructured data across your business.

What Does This Have To Do With NDS eDirectory?

Ever since the release of NDS, Novell has proven its dedication to the fact that administration is an important factor of any IT-system, and 2ndC DocuWise has been designed to follow that lead. Most every aspect of 2ndC DocuWise is managed and administrated from NDS eDirectory, and settings are inherited from parent to child objects so that an administrative decision is enforced globally.

Since 2ndC DocuWise works closely with GroupWise, the NDS eDirectory administration has been bound to the GroupWise Domain level and are filtered down to GroupWise Post Offices and Users. 2ndC DocuWise extends the NDS eDirectory schema and applies new properties to GroupWise Domain, GroupWise Post Office, and User objects. These properties are accessed via NetWare Administrator using a snap-in, and appear as new pages in the objects details.

So Why Integrate Messaging and Document Management?

More and more documents are received in a digital format directly as e-mails or as attachments to e-mails. Messaging is an important and vital part of the "whole story" and needs to be treated as such. 2ndC DocuWise's integration with GroupWise provides you with a simple and user-friendly interface to integrate messaging and Document Management. By making your internal procedures and workflow more efficient you will be able to provide a better, faster and more personalized service to your customers. In addition, DocuWise helps you keep all core information about a customer in a centralized location that can be accessed by the appropriate people when they need it, ensuring that customers get the answers they need when they need them.

It's All Good

You can register all kind of documents. And related documents can be linked to ensure that no information is lost. 2ndC DocuWise PhoneMsg product allows you send phone messages as an e-mail or an SMS-message to a mobile phone. Phone numbers can be listed in the 2ndC DocuWise company/person index, making it particularly easy to use this feature.

What About Version Control?

Version control is part of 2ndC DocuWise. Whenever you make changes to a document, you can decide to name it a new document or a new version of the existing document. Version control generates automatic updates, and allows employees to see all the versions to a specific document.

What Else?

As you can tell, DocuWise is cool. It can do cool things, and make you better at what you do. In addition to the stuff we've already talked about, DocuWise also has:

  • Scanning
  • OCR Compatibility
  • Meta Data
  • Profiling
  • ODMA Compatibility
  • Web Publishing
  • Cross-Library Search
  • And, well, more


Interested? 2ndC is just an e-mail ( or phone call (New US phone number: 800-339-4324) away.

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