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Posted: 10 May 2001

One Net accessibility, high availability and 32x32-way scalability for networked storage environments

In response to exploding data storage requirements, businesses are consolidating storage, housing essential information centrally to make it readily accessible to network users. As they consolidate, however, businesses need to ensure that they have a highly reliable, continuously available infrastructure that makes it easy for users to access and print the information they need. The infrastructure must scale easily to support a rapidly growing number of users. It must protect critical information from unauthorized access. And it must simplify the management of mixed environments that encompass clients, servers, access devices, storage subsystems and other components from many different vendors.

Novell NetWare 6 provides one Net accessibility, high availability and 32x32-way scalability to networked storage environments. So businesses can simplify storage management, secure digital assets and accelerate scalability.

With eBusinesses operating 24x7 and e-mail communication growing at an unprecedented rate, the demand for data storage is exploding. Constantly adding servers to accommodate growing storage demands is not a cost-effective solution. Savvy companies are meeting the challenge by leveraging network-attached storage (NAS) systems and storage area networks (SANs). NetWare 6 with NDS? eDirectory? helps companies simplify management of these centralized storage environments while enabling them to fulfill user expectations for data availability.

As companies consolidate their storage environments, the consequences of server failure become far more serious. That's why businesses need a foundation that ensures continuous availability. NetWare 6 delivers the highest possible levels of reliability and availability. It's built on Novell's more than 15 years experience in networking technology and field-hardened on more than 4-1/2 million servers supporting 81 million users worldwide. Eighty percent of the Fortune 1000 rely on NetWare to keep their data flowing.

NetWare 6 includes Novell's patented clustering technology, which provides hardware, software, data and application redundancy for high fault tolerance. With clustering, companies can deliver the high level of data availability that users expect and need.

NetWare 6 is the only solution that provides the scalability necessary to support the exponential growth in users, applications, services, devices and storage. It supports up to 32 clustered servers with up to 32 processors each-making "five nine" uptime a reality, not a marketing promise.

What's more, Novell Storage Services (NSS) supports billions of volumes and directories, with each volume capable of holding billions of files and growing to eight terabytes in size. NSS also takes advantage of all the processors available in the server, so performance increases as the number of processors increases.

As businesses open up their networks to an ever-broadening community of users, security becomes more essential and more complex. NetWare 6 offers superior security and authentication capabilities that enable companies to embrace the Net with confidence. Policy-based security through NDS eDirectory secures digital resources, permitting users to access all the information-and only the information-they are authorized to use.

In the eBusiness world, people want to access all network services from a variety of devices, ranging from desktop and laptop computers in mixed client environments to cell phones and other handheld devices. Network users and administrators want the freedom to make best-of-breed choices-selecting the directories, security technologies, portals and devices that make the most sense for a given task.

NetWare 6 gives them what they want. It enables people to work across all types of networks and all leading operating environments as a single network-one Net. It simplifies access with innovative new features such as iFolder, which allows users to access information from any type of device, and to synchronize files and folders between desktop computers and handheld devices quickly and effortlessly. In addition, Novell Internet Printing allows people to print to any location around the world by simply clicking on the desired printer.

NetWare 6 gives organizations the storage availability, scalability, manageability, security and accessibility they need to meet the challenges posed by the transformation to eBusiness. So they can move forward to take full advantage of the Net economy while keeping their network ownership costs in check.

Quotable Quote:
"Application-driven demand, including enterprise resource planning, data warehousing and e-commerce, are seen as growth in storage requirements of three to four times existing capacity per year." - Gartner Group Dataquest

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