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Using GroupWise with a Pager, Cellphone, or Blackberry

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By Andreas Bach

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Posted: 14 Mar 2001

Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP

Here are some tips on using GroupWise 5.5 EP with your pager, cell phone, or RIM Blackberry - Internet Edition (see for more). I will just use the term "pager" in this article to describe all three.

You may have already noticed, if you Forward mail to your pager, it all appears to come from your mailbox (since you're the one who forwarded it after all!) and you can't see who it's really from or who to reply to, if you have 2-way capabilities.

If you are clever and Delegate (rather than Forward) to your device, all e-mail from external resources is sent on in a such a way that you can reply to the original sender directly. But mail from internal sources causes replies to go to back to yourself (as above).

So what is the answer to this?

Simple: Use the internet pager support included in the GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack GroupWise Internet Agent!

Setting Things Up

Here's how you do it:

Create a foreign domain as follows:

  1. From NWADMIN, in the GroupWise view, highlight the GroupWise "system" and right click.
  2. Choose Create.
  3. Choose External GroupWise.
  4. Add the name you wish to use for sending pages as the name of the domain (Example: IPage)
  5. Change the External Domain Type to Foreign.
  6. Change the database version to 5.0.


  1. Highlight the domain that owns the GWIA object and right click.
  2. Choose Link Configuration.
  3. Move the newly created Foreign domain to the Gateway window or if you don't have a Gateway window, edit the link to the Foreign domain and change its type to a Gateway link.
  4. Choose the GWIA as the gateway to link to and put -page in the Gateway Access String. (This is the key to unlocking the magic!)

GroupWise Users can now send pages to the pager! (Example:, or

Even Simpler

If you want to simplify it further so that all users can to send to people's pagers via the address book, you can create a Post Office under the foreign domain by right clicking on the Foreign domain, choosing create and then choosing External Post office. You would then create user accounts in that post office that will appear in your system address book. Be sure not to duplicate the regular userids as this will cause problems with receiving Internet mail and accessing mail via WebAccess. (Example: if the person's UserID is BSmith, then perhaps create BSmith-pager for the foreign Post Office entry)

Forward to Pager

If you want to "forward" incoming mail to the pager (ie anything over 128 characters), it is necessary to add two command line switches to the above, and use this syntax:

Where L=length of the block of characters your device supports (ie for phones or pagers this may be only 128 characters, and for the Blackberry this should not exceed L=4000), and B=number of blocks to send if the message is greater than L chars long.

This means for a big message, you get a bunch of pages (up to "B" many), each up to "L" characters worth of text. Each one after the first will have the same sender, and a subject line of "cont." to indicate it is a continuation of the first message.

For an explanation of what the -page switch does, see the online Documentation, but here are the two key features:

  1. It strips off one level of redirection, so all messages come "from" the original sender
  2. it strips off all the SMTP header stuff
  3. .

Handy Rule

Since not everyone is set up for paging, I created a personal address book entry called ABach-Pager and put the above syntax in, and in my rule referenced my address book entry.

My rule says:

If TO=abach, or TO=andreas, then
Forward to ABach-Pager

This way I avoid all the BC and CC miscellaneous e-mail and get everything people write me directly.

Hopefully this will give you all the steps you need to get your pager/cellphone/Blackberry accepting pages from GroupWise!

Helpful Utilities

If you need a utility to distribute rules to multiple people at once, then see here:

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