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Nipping Internet Vacation Rules in the Bud

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By Tom Kustner

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Posted: 12 Apr 2001

Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP

Does this sound familiar? A GroupWise user sets a Vacation Rule, Internet Mail arrives while they're vacationing, and the rule dutifully sends a reply. To which the Internet Mail Client replies. Over and over (like two-year-olds arguing, these things never give up). This produces thousands of messages bouncing in the GroupWise system.

Well, you can school your users in the fine art of crafting a Vacation Rule that won't spin out of control, but as we all know, all users are not created equal. And neither are their Rules. But not to worry -- the GroupWise administrator can block rule-based messages from hitting the Internet for any or all users. This is a very useful setting to prevent mail storms, which occur when a vacation rule starts replying to a mailing list. It is also much easier than training dozens or hundreds of users on setting up rules that don't automatically reply to the Internet! Here's how, from TID 10014111.

In NWADMIN > GroupWise View > GWIA details > access control tab > create, or edit class of service, > SMTP Outgoing > uncheck 'Allow rule generated messages'.

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