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GW 5.5 32-bit Client Sync Fix for PumaTech

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Posted: 19 Apr 2001

Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP, SP3 or SP4

Here is a fix for an issue with GroupWise 5.5 Client and PumaTech software. The TO, CC, and BCC fields weren't being synched properly when all were populated. The sync would strip out all recipient field contents except for the last field populated. For example, if you filled in all three fields (TO, CC, and BCC) with multiple recipients and synched, only the contents of the BCC field would get into GW.

Note: This fix does not include the entire client and therefore should not be treated as a full client install. It should be used with the 5.5 Support Pack 3 or 5.5 Support Pack 4 client. This fix is being considered for the GroupWise 5.5 Support Pack 5.

To download the files see TID 2958937

Installation Instructions

Workstation Install

  1. Exit GroupWise client.
  2. Make backup copies of the directory in which GroupWise is run.
  3. Copy these files into the directory where GroupWise client is run.
  4. Start GroupWise.

Software Directory Install

  1. Make a backup copy of the current WIN32 directory which is located within the GroupWise Software directory.
  2. Copy these files into the software directory, Client\Win32 directory.

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