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Synching PDAs with GroupWise

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Posted: 1 May 2003

There's been a great deal of interest in how to synch GroupWise with the growing array of handheld devices. Let us know what your experiences are with different products, and we'll collect 'em here.

PDA Synchronizing Products

Advansys: LinkWise -

Aad Verheijen: We have several Psion Revos and we use Linkwise2000 by Advansys. It is working fine.

Michael Andersen: I have used Linkwise with Nokia 9210, and Ericsson R380 both with a great result. Even their beta software works 99%. With the latest version of the R380, I have not yet found any errors. Even special letters found in Denmark work without any errors. Linkwise is also to psion series 3mx, 3c, 3a, siena and series 5, Ericsson MC218. Advansys is doing a lot of GroupWise stuff, their Formative is another great product.

Jonathan Price: I have a Psion Series 5 and I use PsiWin with a LinkWise plug-in to synchronise the Calendar and contacts.

Giles Guthrie: I'm using GW5.5 with a Psion 5, connected using PsiWin and the Linkwise for Psion and GroupWise software. It works very well.

Since the Psion is a personal device, I have a GW address book that is dedicated to supply the contact information I need on the Psion. This syncs with its own Contacts file on the Psion, so I can keep my personal and business contacts separate. I've mapped all the fields, and the Psion even extended its schema to include fields defined in GW that were not previously available, which is as handy as it is impressive. I use the Calendar extensively, and I'm really grateful for the "mark private" functions on the Psion and GW, to keep my proxy calendar free of personal information. The whole docking process of syncing and backup takes only a couple of minutes. I'm well pleased with it.

Microsoft: Outlook -

Brandon Barry: After reading the your articles about syncronising GroupWise with PDA's using various products, I am amazed that people still use them. As most manufacturers will syncronise with Outlook and you can use Outlook to access a GroupWise message store, the PDA should be able to syncronise "out of the box", if Outlook is installed.

We use many different types of PDA's, including Palm Pilots, Windows CE devices, and I (among others) use a Nokia 9110.

We have only a very few users that use Outlook as their default mail client (2-3 in 1500 users), but find that it is fine for syncronising with a PDA.

Quentin Walker: A lot of the 3rd party programs say they'll work with GroupWise - but then you find out they only work with 5.5 or higher. Since we run 5.2, this solution doesn't work for us. What I have done on my system is use the Microsoft Outlook client (even Express), and configure it to connect to GroupWise as the default database. It updates GroupWise through Outlook! Unfortunately, it's a sort of "hit or miss" type of solution. I've gotten it to work on a couple of systems, but not on others.

Lt. Jerry Williams, SWDC: While assigned to the Moreno Valley P.D. (for Riverside County Sheriff), we purchased several Compaq iPAC's and tried to link them to GroupWise 5.5. It didn't work. We purchased additional software from Riverrun and Pumatech. Some items worked, but the calendar and e-mail were the primary items we needed and just couldn't seem to get them both to work.

Eventually, we gave the PDA's to the fire department (they're using Microsoft Outlook) and went back to the reliable Palm products.

Lennart Grahn: Use GroupWise 6 to sync your PDA. I have only tested this with Windows CE / Pocket PC based PDA but all PDA that can synchronize with MS Outlook should work.

  1. Install GroupWise 6 client.
  2. Install MS Outlook, it will automatically use GroupWise.
  3. Install MS Active sync (enclosed with PDA)

Active sync will automatically connect and sync; email, calendar, tasks and contacts. You don't have to start the outlook client, the sync will work directly when Outlook is installed and you can remove the Outlook icon from the desktop.

Nexic: Synchronis -

Shawn Smith: - 29 Jan 2003

We've started using Nexic Synchronis with Palm OS, and what we like is the nice GroupWise interface on the Palm. It synchs our email and calendar items, and we can set alarms. However, if you are used to the Palm calendar, email, and address book, you will need to abandon it, and go with the GroupWise interface because Nexic doesn't use the Palm calendar, email, or address book. Still, we tried Nexic and Intellisynch, and we preferred Nexic primarily because of the nice interface and the calendar alarms.

PumaTech: Intellisync -

Michele Peters:

We use Intellisync 4 & 5 to synchronize our Palms with GroupWise 5.5 to sync address books, appts, tasks and documents.

We have found an acceptable solution for synching only specific address books. Using Intellisync Configure, choose the Advanced button and set a filter on what categories get synchronized. Example: We have an address book in GroupWise named "Academic" that contains over 500 names. Only a few people need this book in their Palm. For all other users we have created a filter that will not transfer any record that has a category of "Academic". It seems to work well for us.

Bryan Lane: - 29 Jan 2003

I've been supporting around a dozen iPAQs for a year now. We've been using Pumatech's Intellisync. There were some problems with earlier versions, but they've gradually been resolved, and the latest verison (5.10) works like a dream, sychronising the full GroupWise system, including attachments if required.

John Davis: - 29 Jan 2003

We have been using IntelliSync with many up's and downs. For the Palm based platform it works great, but for the PocketPC (Windows CE) platform it seems buggy and kludgy at best. For PocketPC you MUST have Outlook and ActiveSync installed, though you do not need to have any information sync to Outlook. You can instead set the conduits in IntelliSync to push everything it can handle to GroupWise.

Though, the biggest problem with IntelliSync and PocketPC is that IntelliSync does not always see the PDA as being connected to its cradle, even when it is. With the Palm's HotSync, IntelliSync integrates right in so that when a HotSync is performed you sync with GroupWise automatically. With Pocket PC's ActiveSync you don't. There is an option, however, with IntelliSync to sync with the PDA whenever it is found in the cradle, but as mentioned before, it does not always see the PDA in the cradle. When it does, it could take up to 5 minutes for the sync to initiate. Also, it seems once these problems start to develop, they don't go away until you rip everything out (IntelliSync, ActiveSync, and Outlook) and then reinstall everything again. This, though, does not ensure that the problems will not return. In fact, I have yet to see IntelliSync work flawlessly for the PocketPC. As for Puma's support for the product, you are pretty much on your own. With all of these issues in mind I'm quite surprised to see IntelliSync rise to such popularity and wonder if it's based more so on personal use rather then enterprise use.

Renee Hanft:

We use Intellisync and it works fine. There have been some sync problems pop up that uninstalling and reinstalling Intellisync does fix.

One work around for the address book sync with GroupWise is to export the book you want from GroupWise and import it into the Palm Desktop. Then sync as usual and the information is transferred to the Palm. As changes are made to the address book in GroupWise, you can select only those records to export the next time.

Bruce Musgrove: PumaTech's Intellisync 4.0 will sync with GroupWise on a HP Jornada. One of my users has a HP Jornada 540 and we use Intellisync to sync her calendar and tasks. We do not use it to sync Email and contacts because her volume of email is too big, and the main campus address book is too large (we have not found a way to tell it to only synch specific address books).

Brad Huntley: We are using PumaTech's Intellisync to sync GroupWise 5.5 with several Palm and Visor PDAs. So far it works great. You can filter out which emails you want to sync since it does not support folders in the Palm Mail application.

James McLean: We're looking at using Intellisync 4 or 5 and Palm Pilots to sync with GW 5.5 EP. So far Intellisync advises that they will only support people who are using GW 5.5 EP Client patched to SP2, but not SP3. The person I spoke to indicated that they would NOT be working on SP3 because GW 6 is "out" and their people are working on the GW 6 product.

Bill Barnard: My experience with PumaTech's Intellisync 4.0 for Palm is that is pretty good EXCEPT that it does not put alarms on for appointments entered in GroupWise. This basically makes it useless for that since you have to go into your Palm and physically reset the alarm for those appointments entered in GroupWise and moved to the Palm. Since Toffa's SyncWise Pro CAN do alarms from GroupWise appointments this appears to be a Puma problem.

John R. Waterson, M.D., Ph.D.: Intellisync works fine.

Bill Olson: We've had great success with PumaTech's Intellisync software with several different models of Palm Pilots with Windows 95, 98, and 2000. With a push of one button it syncs GroupWise Address Books, Calendar, E-mail, and To Do Lists.

Hans Denissen: For some time we have had some customers sync IPAQ Compaq together with Intellisync for mail and agenda. According to the customers it works fine.

Also we have GW POP3 to PDA and also to Nokia 9XXX for one big and important customer for checking mail on the road. We create a distribution group and distrubute the mail to his original mailbox and his PDA mailbox. Before he leaves the office he deletes all messages in the PDA mailbox. It works fine and is a good solution for this company.

At this moment we are working on a Citrix solution with the Nokia 9210, starting NAL as application for server applications with a link to IBM AS400. It works fine and we see the Nokia 9210 also as an PDA.

Mike Wyatt: We have been using Intellisync to sync with Palm Pilots and Pocket PC's. But the Palm VIIX users would like to sync in realtime. A WAP applet for GroupWise would be awesome!!!

Guil Schotte: I've had a very difficult time over the past couple of years in getting good support for email and calendar synchronization for Palm Pilots.

Puma has long produced a product called Intellisync that claimed to do the job, but actually fell short. The problem seemed to be that they weren't dedicated to the Novell platform - their compatibility with GroupWise had been trailing behind at 5.5.2 (for email) for a long time. Finally, they have released a version that actually works with 5.5.4. However, there are still at least two problems/gotchas that I am aware of:

  • When a new contact is created in the address book on the Palm, if the user doesn't select a 'catagory' during creation (read: personal address book tab) then the item ends up in a new address book called 'unfiled', which gets duplicated to GroupWise the next time the user synch's up.
  • There doesn't seem to be any way to select WHICH address books in GroupWise load onto the Palm device. For our business, we keep a shared address book that contains over 500 industry contacts. Nobody wants this with them, particularly since it takes so long to do a Palm synchronization with so much data. However, there is no way to prevent this, short of unsharing the address book in GroupWise prior to synching.

Hope these notes are useful! I know that fixes to either of these issues would be a great help!

Bob Trammell: We have a combination of Palm based PCs (Palm, IBM, and Handspring), Windows CE and Pocket PCs from 3 different manufacturers (HP, Compq, and Casio). We use Puma Intellisync for synchronization with all of them. They have a good program to buy "Gold" licenses in bulk which makes it inexpensive and the license is good for whatever PDA the user has. We also synch to Outlook for Windows CE and Pocket PC users so that all of the address book data gets backed up (there are more address fields than GroupWise handles). It's a simple solution that is easy to implement.

Joe LaPierre: I have tried the new Intellisync 5.0 Gold and it works very well on calendar, address and tasklist, but they still do not support email in GroupWise 6.0. I talked to the reps and they told em that they are working on it and will have results in about 2 weeks.

John Reid: We've recently installed the GroupWise 6 Wireless EP1 and for reading an E-mail on the go with a Palm VII, it's great!!

We've been using Pumatech's Intelisync 4.0 for a while with all of our GroupWise clients from 5.2.3 to GroupWise 6. Although I have to say as well with just the Datebook. The address book synchronizes with personal address books set up with the category field filled in. The E-mail is tough if you have a lot of E-mail messages. So it's not a complete solution but I'm told by them that Intelisync vers. 5.0 will have better support for GroupWise.

Here's a wrinkle though. I will soon need a way to synchronize GroupWise 6 for their datebook info and SalesLogix 5.0 for their address book info and Intelisync has dropped their snap in for SalesLogix. D'OH!

Edward Bimson: I use PumaTech's Intellisync 4.0 to sync the Calendar, Contacts & Task list with a Compaq iPaq. Rather than synchronizing email with Intellisync in the cradle, I use an infrared mobile phone and connect to GWIA 6 using imap4. Address lookup can then be done from the contacts database(offline) or from the main GroupWise address book using LDAP(Online) connecting to GWIA 6. Using Inbox to connect to GWIA using imap4 only works with GWIA 6.

  • Mailbox
    Items in the main inbox need to be kept to a minimum as these are synchronised with the iPaq. Creating a "Pending" folder & moving email from Inbox to "Pending" solves this problem.
  • Sending email
    Email can be sent online or offline
  • Online
    After typing a name in, select "Check Names" to verify the address. The address is checked against the iPaq contacts database. If nothing is found, then the address is checked remotely.
  • Offline
    After typing a name in, select "Check Names" to verify the address. The address is checked against the iPaq contacts database. If nothing is found, then the address cannot be checked remotely. A warning message may be displayed and the email is stored in the outbox. When dialup occurs, any unknown addresses will be checked.
  • Online or Offline
    An internet email address can be used.
  • Sent items
    Items sent using iPaq don't appear in sent items on Desktop PC. They only appear in sent items on the iPaq. If this is important to the user, then the following work around works quite well.
    1. Create a "Sent Items iPaq" folder on the Desktop PC below "Sent Items"
    2. Create a rule on Desktop PC to move received items from yourself to the "Sent Items iPaq" Folder.
    3. Setup a contact entry on the iPaq for yourself including email address.

    If a copy of the sent item is then required on your Desktop PC when sending from the iPaq, enter your address from the Contacts database on the bcc field. A copy of the message with then appear in the "Sent Items iPaq" folder on the desktop PC.

Tim Wohlford: This is my first GW deployment, and I don't own a Palm.

However, Intellisync was simple to install, and simple to configure, and simpler to use. It even handled a defunct Outlook account.

My only problem with Intellisync was that it wanted the serial number input about 4 times before I was done installing and upgrading.

Gordon Munn: I have been successfully using GroupWise and an iPAQ 3630 together for around 9 months now.

In order to synchronise you need two pieces of software.

  1. ActiveSync which comes with the handheld device. This allows your Operating system (in my case win2K proff.) to connect to the windows CE device.
  2. Intellisync to allow synchronisation of mail and appointments from within GroupWise. (Note you need Intellisync V4 or later for the latest generation of handhelds running WinCE3.)

Occasionally Intellisync gets corrupted on the handheld but by simply removing the application from the handheld and then attempting to re-sync with the PC it is automatically re-installed and after re-setting user preferences you are back in business.

Fran Popp: We installed Intellisync 4 for a user this week.

We then configured for what was to upload from the Palm Desktop, and what was to upload GW. When we ran the 1st sync, it didn't work, rebooted, tried again, didn't work. After about an hour, we contacted Intellisync/PumaTech.

Acknowledged Intellisync 4 Problem:

Per PumaTech, Intellisync has an acknowledged problem with Version 4. Some code was left out of the program. To resolve the issue of syncing to Palm Desktop and GroupWise, follow these steps.

  1. Deinstall Intellisync.
  2. Sync your Palm Desktop to your PDA.
  3. Reboot the PC - Install Intellisync - Reboot if prompted.
  5. DO NOT CONFIGURE ANYTHING ELSE. Leave the selections blank.
  6. Sync the Palm Again. This should pick up both the Desktop and GW information on this sync.

The issue will be corrected in Version 5 when released, per the Tech we spoke with.

Scott Ramsay: We use Puma's Intellisync for our Palm M505's. While it is a handy product, there have been some problems.

For one, upon a first sync of a user's E-mail, after the sync, all mail in his In Box had changed to the date and time of the sync. This was very frustrating, as the user had some 300 Email's and we never did find a solution...even working with Puma for a week. Of course, he was the Vice President and CFO.

Also, If you have many contacts already entered into the Palm and you sync, not all phone numbers are carried over to the GW address book. All names and contacts are carried over, but randomly, a phone number does not show up.

Bryan Hendricks: PDAs are becoming quite popular with our mobile executives. We synch Palms, Visors, Jornadas and iPAQs with GroupWise via Intellisync. As long as we successfully sync the PDA to a workstation via Hotsync or ActiveSync before we install Intellisync, we don't have many Intellisync problems. What problems do we encounter?

  1. Some executives who already use a Palm OS device have decided to evaluate a Win CE device while retaining their Palm OS device. Surprisingly, I am able to use both versions of Intellisync on the same workstation and sync multiple devices from the same workstation. However, if the executives don't explicitly "synchronize" every device (but rather, they only "import" or "export" to specific devices), their task lists can become quite confusing. Once a task has been completed, the "completed" status isn't "exported" - and devices which aren't explicitly synched continue accumulating uncompleted tasks until those tasks are manually marked "completed" on those devices.

  2. Secretaries often synch handheld devices for our executives. Unfortunately, they often synch their own calendars and task lists to the handhelds used by the executives. Intellisync has nifty fields for specifying the userid and password for the target mailbox, but I am not yet confident that this solves the problem. Secretaries often forget to close their own mailboxes (or Notify) and GroupWise doesn't seem to be able to open a separate session for the userid specified in the Intellisync configuration.

  3. Intellisync occasionally loses the "socket" it uses for communicating with the handheld device. It isn't hard to fix, but it can be a nuisance.

Our mobile executives currently use WebAccess while they are on the road. The handheld templates for WebAccess help immensely. However, it would be nice to have something analogous to GroupWise remote so that the executives could compose/review offline and then synchronize when they connect from a remote location. We are making arrangements to evaluate the Win CE remote synchronization solution offered by RiverRun. Syclo is reportedly having problems with their remote synchronization solution for Win CE devices - so we are still waiting to evaluate their solution. Inasmuch as our executives are interested in REMOTELY synching their mail, calendar and tasks, I don't believe that GWIA's POP3 or IMAP4 support will fill the bill (Although NIMS supports iCAL, GWIA doesn't. I am not aware of a corresponding standard for synchronizing tasks.).

Alan Downs: I've been using Intellisync for about 3 years with GW 5.5 EP SP2 and SP3 and a Compaq Aero (running Windows CE). The only consistent complaint I've had that they show no sign of fixing is their lack of support for the Inbox. However, I've found that it will sync your inbox if you select Outlook for the product to sync to. One caveat: whenever you sync, make SURE that in GW your mailbox is open and selected. If you have a folder open, it may sync everything in the folder with your PDA Inbox! Also the irritating Unfiled address book that it created in GroupWise suddenly (after a sync session) had every entry from every other address book in it! I think I'm gonna check out Syncwise...

Kathleen Conroy: I use several techniques when it comes to syncing Palms with GroupWise. We currently are using GroupWise 5.5. I use Intellsync to sync GroupWise with Palm III, Vx, VIIx,m505 locally. I also use Windows Messaging, Outlook for those who do not want to use Intellsync, (they keep their calendars up either in the Palm desktop, or in the Outlook calendar). This seems to work very well.

For those who have remote access needs with the Palm VIIx, I have them use an app called ThinAirApp, and have that pointing to our pop, and imap servers, this works very well, except the free version of ThinAirApps can't access the calendar or other features. I'm now experimenting with the GroupWise pqa from GroupWise 6 to solve that problem.

With the Palm Vx, I have them dial into either a RAS server or their own computer to hotsync their GroupWise email and calendars. I tried to use the Palm Vx and Palm VIIX with a modem called the backflip and my cell phone, but only got it to work one time. From what I read, I think that it was my phone being digital, rather than cellular.

I have now just begun to play with the Kyocera 6035, but haven't played with it enough to write about it. But from what I see, I like it, and may give up my Palm VIIx for it. Anyway it's been interesting.

Cindy Creager: I have an IPAQ W/ Windows CE. I use Intellisync to sync it with my GroupWise. At first I tried the using Outlook and pulling my GroupWise through there, but I did not like that and had several problems with it. We just upgraded to GroupWise 6 today and after receiving the cool solutions questions on PDA's, I just synched up my IPAQ with GroupWise 6 and it worked Great!!!

Derek Jones: PC users at our campus use Intellisync to sync our PDAs with GW, and it works well. However, to my knowledge, Intellisync is not available for the Mac, which means our Mac users who use PDAs can't sync GW to their PDA. Anyone out there know of a program for a Macintosh that will allow the GW Mac client to be synchronized with a PDA? Any info will be appreciated.

Dominique Bovey: The company I work with has sponsored buying palm's for the engineering and some other people. They bought Intellisync from PumaTech as interface sw for the synchro between GW and palm Hotsync.

  • the palm to do list syncs well with the gw tasks, however the palm environment does not handle well tasks having a starting date different from "today" or no end date. But it is workable.
  • the palm appointments do do sync well but a GW appointment does not set an alarm on the palm, which is annoying. I had some trouble with repeating events which I had to exclude from the sync'ed events, as they tend to duplicate, triplicate, etc. at each sync.
  • the address book syncing is a real nightmare, and I stopped using it. Well, I am also not satisfied at all with the GW address book, (especially with the find feature which does not work) but the syncing of it put a real mess in my palm, and mixed names and phone numbers. That is an intellisync problem, I agree. In the future I'll try to sync the addressess with the palm desktop - which _should_ work better.
  • syncing mails: a complete impossibility, I never could do that. I do not know where the pb comes from, but I have a big gw mailbox with many folders and subfolders, and intellisync keeps on showing me only the default draft, inbox, outbox and trash - all mailboxes I do not have.
  • Memos: I sync them with palm desktop as it is the only workable option.
  • Expense: I do not use this.

As you can see here is definitely room for improvement - to say the least. To sum up, I think I would not be the only user glad to see a "PDA sync" option in the tools menu...

Hugh Morrison: Intellisync has been my software of choice to link the Date Book and Address Book to my many Palm devices.

Visor has recently been introduced and Intellisync has worked nicely.

Satellite forms has been used to import map info to the Palm for engineering applications.

Quartz Development: PortaMail -

Kurt West:

I found a product called PortaMail 2002 made by Quartz Development ( that finally overcomes all of these limitations and is FAST. Note that this application will not win any beauty contests (the interface is very basic, and there are some font and other presentation issues with it), but it WORKS! I now have alarms, file attachments, and sync operations that take around a minute to complete. It's about time!!!

(Note - I am in no way affiliated with the developer. I am just a frustrated iPAQ user who was on a quest to find better sync software for GroupWise)

Syclo: SIM -

Denney Fifield: Our law firm is using Intellisync for CE devices and Syclo's SIM Sync for Palm Devices. The results are varied. The person using the CE device probably synchs only when we move from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, so he doesn't have a lot of complaints or comments.

Syclo's SIM is an interesting product. We selected it because it would allow wireless synchs for Palm devices with Wireless modems. My experience has been that it is somewhat difficult to setup, but once it is setup, it works pretty good. We are having some problems with synching appointments and ToDo's (crashes the SIM server) and for a month plus we have been working on it with Syclo, and we haven't been able to fix it. There is also a known issue with the address book that they are working with Novell on. When you sync, you can suddenly receive someone else's address book as well as your own. That caused us some concern. At one point, I was ready to throw SIM out the window, but we have moved to Palm 505's but even Intellisync doesn't support them, so we are stuck.

The idea that Syclo has is great, but I wouldn't buy it after what I have been through. One of the biggest bugs is when you add an item to the Reminder Notes in GroupWise, Syclo places that item in the Palm's Memo Pad instead of creating a non-timed appointment, like Intellisync does. I thought that was incredibly stupid and told them that. When you create a note, you want it on that date, not in the Memo Pad area were the dates aren't even recorded. Major bug or poor planning there.

Currently, I'm waiting for Puma to support the Palm 505's then I'm switching back to Intellisync.

Toffa: SyncWisePro -

Ulrich Reuter: - 22 Jan 2003

I got a new Palm Tungsten T last week which is my first handheld. Being the "appointed mine-sweeper" for using PDAs in our management, I tried during the last days different solutions for synching the Palm Tungsten with our GroupWise 5.5.1 (I have to confess we should also consider an update of GW).

Toffa's SyncWise for GroupWise 5 turned out to be the best. Downloading, doing a little configuration and ... miracle ... it worked fine. No problems with Plam OS5 and an old GroupWise release - other software had more problemes to this situation.

I plan to buy after the trial period and have no doubt to recommend it to other users.

Joseph Beckner:

We use GroupWise 6 in a financial institution. I recently purchased a Sony Clie T615C handheld. Based upon the recommendations here, I downloaded a trial version of Toffa's SyncWise 6 free from their website.

In a word: WONDERFUL! Seamless integration of contacts, to do lists, e-mail, everything! The installation was simple. Configuration took literally 10 minutes, and I'm not very technical. I was synced and happy! E-mail replies and new contacts done on the Sony uploaded and were sent with no problems.

I heartily recommend this product. The Sony's pretty cool as well!

Danny Stark: Here's my two cents.

The best program out there (that I have used) is Toffa's SyncWise Pro. I used the trial versions of EVERY Palm OS based sync program for GroupWise that I could find (about 5 of them) and SyncWise Pro came out on top. The trial version of SyncWise is fully functional except it will only sync 30 days in the future/past. It will sync all the calendar information, email, and the address book with one push of the hotsync button. I don't know about wireless, but for people who are looking for a program that will sync their Palm PDA at the workstation, it's great.

My only complaint is that you have to call/email them after you install the software (retail, not trial version) to get an activation key as it changes each time you install it. Kinda sucks when you are trying to get someone up and running before they leave town on a business trip.

Now if I could only find a good one for Win CE devices........

Emily Pennington: I planned to use Intellisync's product with the boss's new Sony Clie (prior experience with their product was adequate), but after reading everyone's suggestions, I tried Toffa's SyncWise Pro 5 with our GW client.

It is an excellent program, works great! Written specifically for GroupWise, it was the easiest configuration of a synchronization program I've ever experienced.

(And that Sony Clie is pretty spiffy too...)

William James: We are a medium size firm of lawyers with about 150 fee earners running across a Novell Network. Our email client is GroupWise 5. At any one time we have between twenty and thirty Palm Users synching their mailboxes, address books, diaries and to-do lists using SyncWise Pro. We have been using SyncWise for about three years (almost from its inception) and have found it to be an extremely robust and user-friendly application. The software is automatically loaded onto every PC in the building and set-up time for users is approximately five minutes (usually a matter of plugging the cradle in and changing the verification key and user names). No other product has been so user-friendly and easy to use at a network level. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Bernie Thames: I use a product by Toffa International ( a UK firm) at It has been very reliable and was written specifically for GroupWise.

Haven't tried others but this one works well. Only problem is the price...about $106.00 U.S.

Susanne Jones: I use Toffa & Co's SyncWise Pro for GroupWise 5.5 and have found it very reliable and easy to install. It is rather costly, around ?69.00 for a single user. I don't know whether there are any special deals for bulk numbers.

The staff at Toffa & Co are very helpful as well.

Gustavo Verde: The best product for synchronizing GroupWise with any PDA running Palm OS is SyncWise Pro from Toffa. Very easy to install and works every time.

Bob Munds: I've been using Intellisync for about a year with GW5.5. Most of the calendar functions worked well, but email was always a bit of a problem. We upgraded to GW6 this past summer & Intellisync was able to work with the calendar functions, but not at all with mail.

After reading through the reports from other users, I downloaded a trial copy of Toffa SyncWise Pro6. After running the installation, I had to check five items and enter my email ID. I now have all GroupWise functions in sync with my Pilot. I'll be purchasing for my organization in the very near future.

Betsy Blair: I use Toffa's SyncWise Pro for GroupWise 6 on a Sony Clie. I had some problems at the beginning with getting the address books to synchronize properly and had to get some software from the helpdesk to make it work. I finally had to completely remove the address books from the Sony and then add the different address books separately to get them to synchronize completely. I have also noticed that changes I make on the hand-held sometimes don't synchronize properly. That could be user error and I haven't had endless amounts time to play with it.

Overall, I have found it to be good.

Santiago Gomez: We have as many as 10 users synchronizing their schedule and tasks with no problems using SyncWise Pro. The interface is simple and the synch process is flawless.

One problem has been getting users up to speed quickly with the required access code which make it two visits to their desktop instead of just one). However Toffa is now much better at getting back to me quickly with the required code (usually overnight).

My biggest problem has been configuring groupwise to only synch unread mail. I can't seem to configure the Mail settings correctly in order to get it taking to groupwise instead of outlook or something else. I know I'm missing something in the Control Panel | Mail Services, but I just don't know what.

Good product.

Beth Wanner: I have a Palm VIIx and GroupWise 5.5. I tested both Intellisync and Syncwise Pro. I chose Syncwise because it syncs faster and Toffa is developing a product that will allow you to sync across the web.

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