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Downloading Items to your Remote Mailbox

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Posted: 10 Oct 2001

Current Version: GroupWise 6

Lots of people are wondering how to get their stuff into GroupWise Remote, so they can read it from the cozy comfort of the hotel. Here's how.

  1. If you're running GroupWise in Online mode, click Tools > Hit the Road > type your Online Mailbox password > select a connection phone number if prompted > click OK.


  2. If you're running GroupWise in Remote mode, click Accounts > Send/Retrieve > GroupWise Options.
  3. To retrieve items, make sure Items is selected > click Advanced > click a tab if available > click an option > click OK.
  4. If you are in Remote mode and only want to download new items, select New Only on the Retrieve tab.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To retrieve rules, click Rules to select it.
  7. To retrieve addresses from the system Address Book, click System Address Book to select it > Filter > specify the addresses to retrieve > click OK.

    Because retrieving address books can take a long time with a modem connection, it is recommended that you retrieve address books using a network or TCP/IP connection.

  8. To retrieve your personal address books, click Personal Address Books to select it.
  9. To retrieve copies of documents from your Online Mailbox, select the Documents check box > click Documents > select your documents > mark applicable documents as In Use > click OK.

    Marking a document as In Use prevents others from modifying the document. If you don't mark a document as In Use, someone can edit it while you have the copy in your Remote Mailbox. If you then edit the document and return it to the Master Library, your document is saved as a new version and the edits are not saved to the other version. If you don't plan to edit a document, don't mark it In Use. When you exit an In Use document, you're asked to send the document to the Master Library and mark it as Available. If you're done with the document, the document should be marked Available to allow others editing access to it.

  10. If you are in Remote mode and you want to specify your remote location and connection before downloading, click Configure > select your remote location from the Connecting From drop-down list > select a connection from the Connect To drop-down list > click OK.
  11. Click Connect or Finish.

If you are in Remote mode, all items in your Pending Requests list are sent at this time.

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