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Finding Out When Someone Deletes Your Appointment

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Posted: 30 Oct 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

We had an interesting letter from Joanne S., whose boss wanted a way to find out who was deleting the appointments he sent them. (Imagine!) These recalcitrant physicians, having watched entirely too many episodes of MASH, seem to feel sure that those meetings are for everyone else but them.

Although our sympathies are with anyone who has to attend a weekly staff meeting when they'd rather be golfing (or removing spleens), we are duty-bound to share this little tidit of GroupWise candor. There is indeed a way to find out when someone deletes an appointment you sent them. (Or accepts it, for that matter. That can also be a useful piece of info around Performance Review time.)

You set it up in Notify Options, an often-overlooked little dialog that offers a lot of nifty features. Here's what you do.

  1. First make sure Notify is running.
    (Notify is a separate little program, and doesn't automatically run when you start GroupWise, unless you have set it up that way. If you can see the little on your Windows taskbar, it's running. If it's not running, turn it on by going to Start > Programs > GroupWise > GroupWise Notify.)
  2. Right-click on the Windows taskbar > click Options.
  3. Click the Return Status tab.
  4. Deselect (click till the checkmark is gone) the option marked Use Same Settings for All Types
  5. Click the Settings For drop-down list > click Appointments.
  6. Go down to where it says When Deleted, and check the ways you'd like to hear about it when someone dares to delete an appointment you sent them. (You can even have it launch a program, like a Pager notification or Instant Messenger.)
  7. Click Apply.

While you're at it, take a look at the other Notify Options that are available. You can get reports when people open or delete your mail messages (as pathetic as that sounds, there are probably business reasons why someone might want that mildly obsessive kind of information). You can get reports when people complete tasks you've assigned them (very useful for project managers). And under Alarms you have a lot of opportunity to control how you will get the alarms delivered to you.

There you go. And if you're in Joanne's office, and you're in the habit of deleting appointments from the boss, you'd better think twice. They're on to you...

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