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GroupWise 6 Deployment Guide

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Posted: 10 Jan 2002

Current version: GroupWise 6

This document is specifically designed for messaging system administrators within organizations that have just purchased GroupWise 6. Its primary objectives are as follows:

  • Review the features that will enable your organization to maximize its GroupWise investment
  • Provide practical information on GroupWise 6 deployment and migration
  • Provide specific, detailed information on leveraging GroupWise 6 enhancements
  • Present ways to optimize the performance of your GroupWise 6 system
  • Provide information that will help you monitor and maintain your GroupWise 6 system
  • Provide a listing of training options and partner solutions that will add value to your GroupWise 6 investment.

If you have any suggestions, or want to share your experiences deploying GroupWise 6, send them in and we'll post them here.

You can also download the full .pdf version of this new Deployment Guide here:

Table of Contents:

For those who are deploying new GroupWise systems or whose existing GroupWise configuration is not meeting system demands, refer to the General Configuration Guidelines Appendix for best practices information on Directory and network configuration.

It is anticipated that the Deployment Guide will be used in conjunction with the GroupWise 6 Installation and Administration Guides. For specific, step-by-step installation and configuration instructions see the GroupWise 6 Installation Guide on the product CD or the Novell Documentation Web site (

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