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GroupWise 6 Support Pack 1

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Posted: 29 Nov 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

For details and updates to this document, please see TID 2960621.

This Support Pack contains updates to all GroupWise 6 components. It also contains the Padlock Fix.

The details of the Padlock Fix issue have now been released. See the "Padlock Fix Details Document" for more information.

Do not apply this file to a GroupWise 5.5 or GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack system.

WARNING: Due to French import restrictions on strong encryption this support pack is not available for use in France. French Customers should download the 56 bit support pack, GW6SP1FR.EXE. Please see TID 2960642 for more information.

Installation Instructions

To install GroupWise 6 Support Pack 1:
Make sure you have reviewed the Support Pack 1 Readme. If you would like to see a list of the new features and functionality included with Support Pack 1, see "What's New in GroupWise 6" in the GroupWise 6 Installation guide. For complete installation instructions this patch, please refer to gw6sp1_install_instructions.html, found at the root of the extracted patch directory.


Following is a list of specific fixes made in this support pack. Please refer to readme.html (found at the root of the extracted patch directory) for more detailed information.

Changes Since the Last Release (GroupWise 6)

The following sections provide information about changes that have been made in Support Pack 1 to resolve issues in the GroupWise 6 release. These changes do not include information about features that have been added in Support Pack 1. For information about new features, see "What's New in GroupWise 6" in the GroupWise 6 documentation.

The following changes were made to resolve GroupWise administration issues:

You can create a post office which previously existed in your GroupWise system. (279470)

If, while in ConsoleOne, you attempt to create a new domain while connected to a secondary domain, your domain connection will be switched from the secondary to the primary. If the primary domain connection cannot be made, you will receive the following error: "Database Error: The following GroupWise domain database file cannot be accessed properly: <UNC path to primary domain>." (244647)

When creating a new dial-up schedule profile for the Internet Agent (Internet Agent object > SMTP/MIME tab > Scheduling page), the schedule information will be saved correctly to the new profile. In the past, if the new profile was not added to the end of the profile list (because of the alphabetic listing), the schedule information could be incorrectly assigned to another profile. (266777)

GroupWise object descriptions display correctly. (266715)

Modification of GroupWise objects no longer causes DB17 error (279931)

The Setting Source information for the Internet Agent's Access Testing (Internet Agent object > Access Control tab > Settings page > Test button > View Access button) now displays the correct information. (261411)

GroupWise users who are members of an NDS organizational role or NDS group can now be successfully removed as members of the role or group (266772)

The SSL settings for the MTA and POA have been moved to their own page (ConsoleOne > MTA or POA object > GroupWise tab > SSL page). A certificate file is required to enable SSL. (263209)

The Apply button on the WebAccess object property pages in ConsoleOne now works correctly. (263401)

Moving or renaming an object in a single-domain system will now correctly generate synchronization updates to be sent to any connected external GroupWise systems. (263934)

Switching connections from one domain to another while GroupWise object property pages are open no longer causes a NullPointerException error. (266272)

Creating a new Link Schedule profile for an MTA will generate an MTA restart request. (264584)

You can now disable Daylight Saving Time (DST) when modifying a time zone definition (265857)

Scheduled events that have been migrated from GroupWise 5.x to GroupWise 6 can now be edited. (267229)

Releasing a GroupWise domain in ConsoleOne no longer causes errors. (267598)

A user or resource, when added to a distribution list through the Distribution List page on the User or Resource object, now appears on the Membership page of the Distribution List object. (267793)

When creating a new post office with a library, the document type lookup table is now populated with the appropriate entries. (268362)

When updating from GroupWise 5.x, the correct document storage area paths are retained (Library object > GroupWise tab > Storage Areas page). (268871)

The Validate Domain option can now be used to fix the problem of two or more domains being marked as primary in a GroupWise system. The Validate Domain solution will only work is you have previously created Admin-defined fields; Admin-defined fields, when created, are assigned to the primary domain, so the validation process can check to see which primary domain the Admin-defined fields are assigned to and then change the other primary domains to secondary domains. (277461)

The Internet Address options for External objects (External object > GroupWise tab > Internet Address page) will not be available unless Internet Addressing for the GroupWise system has been enabled. (281244)

If a duplicate entry occurs when rebuilding a database, the duplicate entry's index and record ID will be written to a log file named REBUILD.LOG in the primary domain's directory. (277309)

After merging a GroupWise 5.x domain into a GroupWise 6 system, you can now successfully move a user from a post office in the 5.x domain to a post office in a GroupWise 6 domain. All user information and mailbox items will be moved. (275687)

You can now edit the default class of service for GroupWise WebAccess (WebAccess Agent object > Access Control tab > Settings page) and GroupWise Internet Agent (Internet Agent object > Access Control tab > Settings page). (277894)

When grafting users, non-NDS users who do not match with NDS users now appear as unmatched users. (282916)

You can now disable the flastname addressing format (279788)

When you move a user from one post office to another, any GroupWise client options you've set for the user at the User level will be retained. (264123)

Various issues regarding ConsoleOne performance were resolved (259116)

You can now change a non-NDS user's GroupWise password in ConsoleOne, either through the user's GroupWise Account page (GroupWise External Entity object > GroupWise tab > Account page) or the user's GroupWise client options. (269946)

You can now assign an NDS Group to a post office in a domain that you are not connected to. Previously, you could only see the post offices in the currently-connected domain. (273858)

The following changes were made to resolve MTA and POA issues:

Resolved several issues that were causing the MTA to ABEND. (270552, 278562)

The MTA now creates a log entry when a message is moved from a gateway into the MTA's GWINPROG queues. (279999)

The Web console (HTTP view) for the MTA and POA now works properly with Netscape 6.1. (280085)

Resolved several issues that were causing the POA to ABEND. (281094, 271572)

Resolved an issue that was causing messages to be duplicated upon delivery. (265042)

Resolved an issue that was causing the Move User process to fail if there was a C059 error on a deferred database (NGWDFR.DB). (260723)

Resolved an issue that was causing the POA to create library directories for a post office after the post office's database had been rebuilt, even if the post office didn't have a library associated with it. (264952)

After updating from GroupWise 5.x to GroupWise 6, scheduled maintenance tasks will now run properly (271105)

The POA indexing process will now correctly generate wordlist files for documents marked for regeneration by GWCheck. (272086)

Resolved an issue that was causing an item's message body not to appear when the item was sent using wildcard addressing (269273)

The following changes were made to resolve GWCheck and GWBackup issues:

Resolved an issue that was causing GWCheck to crash when processing setup records. (283948)

The GWCheck Storedrop option now works correctly. It will remove all user.db, msg.db, dmd*.db and dms*dB database types from the store catalog. (274486)

Resolved an issue that was causing BackupExec for NT to fail when backing up a large number of files in a post office's OFUSER directory. (271027)

The GWTSA is now able to back up all user databases in the post office's OFUSER directory. (280083)

The following changes were made to resolve Internet Agent issues:

Resolved several issues that were causing the Internet Agent to ABEND. (284051, 284053, 256292, 271307)

In previous versions, inbound Internet messages sent to the Internet Agent's mailer-daemon could cause a loop between the mailer-daemon and the sender. This issue has been resolved; all messages sent to the mailer-daemon are moved to the Internet Agent's problem directory. (257277)

The following changes were made to resolve WebAccess issues:

Resolved several issues that were causing the WebAccess Agent to ABEND when viewing certain types of documents. (255204, 255013, 258920, 253828, 255559)

Resolved an issue that was causing the WebAccess Agent to ABEND. (261855)

When viewing the next 25 items in a search, the correct list is now generated and displayed. (273588)

An issue with the OBJ.CONF file that was causing users to experience login problems has been resolved. (271281)

If a user does not have rights to a document that is in a shared folder, the user will still be able to see the document; he or she will no longer receive a "document not available" error. This is consistent with the GroupWise client for Windows functionality. (269080)

Resolved an issue with the HTML viewers (by updating to version 7.1 of the viewers) that was causing problems some documents to display slowly and tie up the Web server. (272486)

The following changes where made to resolve issues with the Object API:

The oMessage.Routed = True setting now functions correctly. Messages are routed rather than sent to each recipient at the exact same time. (256647)

In caching mode, the Query object now functions correctly. (270166)

Resolved an issue that was causing a folder Query cloning problem with Query.Expression. (272898)

The following changes were made to resolve issues with the GroupWise client for Windows:

In caching mode, you can now resend an item with a hidden attachment (an attachment not visible in the item's default view) without receiving an 8209 error. In the past, this error would only occur if the resent item had originally been sent while in online mode, downloaded to the caching mailbox, and then resent while in caching mode. (261993)

When proxying another user's mailbox, you can now properly view attachments while in the Send view. (241292)

Improvements have been made to decrease memory usage when downloading or synchronizing NNTP accounts. (267752)

In caching mode, you will no longer receive D124 errors when proxying to another user's mailbox. In the past, the connection was maintained to the proxied mailbox even after the proxy user changed back to his or her own mailbox. The connection to the proxied mailbox is now terminated. (278350)

In remote mode, if you are using a dial-up networking connection, you will be automatically disconnected if you have enabled the "Hang Up When Send/Retrieve Is Done" options (GroupWise client > Accounts menu > Account Options > General Options). (114530)

The issues with garbage characters appearing at the end of a reply has been resolved. (281221)

After proxying to another user's or resource's mailbox and viewing the Month Calendar, the user's own Month Calendar will still display his or her own Calendar items. In the past, the user's Month Calendar would display the proxied user's or resource's Month Calendar. (260712)

In caching and online mode, the default library setting (Tools > Options > Documents > Library Configuration) is the same. (269681)

After moving a user from one post office to another, Busy Search will work correctly. (269662)

You can now synchronize with a Windows CE device through MAPI. (269942)

Appointments without a message body will now appear in an IPAQ Calendar. (272712)

When using the GroupWise client with the Entrust 5.01 Entelligence client, you can now log out of GroupWise and GroupWise will be released from memory. In the past, GroupWise would not be released from memory and you could not log out of Entrust. (270042)

After synchronizing reminder notes from a Palm device to the GroupWise client, you can print the reminder notes from your Calendar. (270428)

You can now define Address Book custom filters that use the "contains" parameter. (270459)

You can now use Internet Explorer 6.0 with GroupWise.

The Signature settings (Tools > Options > Environment > Signature) will no longer be reset after running the Analyze/Fix Database maintenance option on a user's post office database. (271570)

Edited attachments in a routed item now retain the modifications. (282627)

Saving a draft of an item you are resending will no longer replace the draft of the original item. (269159)

A user who has received Read rights to another user's appointments can no longer delete those appointments. This was only possible through the Month Calendar view. (273248)

Resolved a memory issue that sometimes caused the GroupWise client to crash when a null password was entered during login (rather than the actual password). (273685)

Resolved an issue with documents losing their "Official Version" tags. (273847) When associating a file type with an application in GroupWise (for example, right-click an attachment > click Open With > select an application > select Always Use This Program to Open These Files), the association is remembered in subsequent GroupWise sessions. (275206)

The GroupWise client now works with RSA Keon Desktop CA. (275979)

The GroupWise client is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Office XP. (282895)

After a resource is moved or renamed, the Address Book now correctly reflects the renamed resource. (281236)

When a user sends an item from a proxy mailbox, the proxy mailbox signature is added to the item rather than the user's own signature. (283871)

An issue with QuickCorrect causing editing problems was resolved (253174)

For details and updates to this document, please see TID 2960621.

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