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GWAVA Makes "Goner" Virus Go Bye-Bye

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Posted: 12 Dec 2001

Current version: GroupWise 6

GWAVA Makes "Goner" Virus Go Bye-Bye.

GWAVA was able to successfully defend Novell GroupWise e-mail systems from the "Goner" virus epidemic. GWAVA saved it's customers from hours of downtime and thousands of dollars by thwarting "Goner".

As the "Goner" virus wreaked havoc on the Internet, it was a "no-show" on Novell GroupWise systems protected by Beginfinite Inc.'s eSecurity suite "GWAVA". GWAVA (short for "GroupWise Anti-Virus Agent") is the only eSecurity solution designed specifically for Novell GroupWise with Anti-Virus, Attachment Blocking, Anti-Spam and Content Filtering capabilities. GWAVA's flexible eSecurity Policy Management allows GroupWise administrators to react quickly to new security threats including the outbreak of the "Goner" virus.

As details of the "Goner" virus became available, it became apparent that the virus was spreading through an infected file attachment called "GONE.SCR". Companies using GWAVA were able to quickly block e-mail containing the GONE.SCR file, which concealed the virus.

For details, read the press release here:

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