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GroupWise 6 Deployment Guide - Section 6

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Posted: 9 Jan 2002

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Section 6: Value Adds

User Education

Studies have shown that employees trained on desktop applications are 30 times more productive than untrained employees (Dataquest 1999). In fact, a study by the Gartner Group showed that "wasted end-user time, due to a lack of training, accounted for the biggest piece of the software spending pie."

Because training is critical for the successful deployment of collaboration and knowledge management solutions, Novell and its training partners have created a variety end-user training solutions to fit a broad spectrum of client needs. These options include

  • Administrator Training
  • On-the-job Training
  • Training Materials
  • On-Location Training
  • Portable Training Lab

Each of these options is briefly discussed below.

For further information on any of the following training options, contact Novell Education by e-mail at, or by phone at 1-801-861-3382 (toll, worldwide) or 800-233-EDUC (toll-free, U.S.A. only).

Administrator Training

Course 370 GroupWise 6 Administration
In this course you learn the skills to install, implement, and administer a GroupWise 6 messaging and collaboration system for internal and external communication.

On-the-Job Training

Spend one-on-one time with a certified instructor and master the features used most in your own work environment. This option is ideal for busy senior executives.

Training Materials

Use comprehensive Reference Guides, Training Workbooks, Quick Start Cards and Video Kits to ensure successful learning and true return on your software investment.

  • Reference Guides cover all features with easy, step-by-step instructions and descriptive illustrations.
  • Training Workbooks teach fast and simple lessons in the basics as well as advanced features.
  • Quick Start Cards simplify access to the premier functions and tips that empower your software use.
  • Video Based Training Kits integrate expert instruction with comprehensive hands-on exercises. Kits include the GroupWise Essentials and Power-Tools videos, a Reference Guide, and a Quick Start Card.

On-Location Training

Enjoy the benefit of customized training on any topic, anywhere, at any time. "Off the shelf" offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • GroupWise 6 Essentials
  • GroupWise 6 Power-Tools
  • GroupWise 6 Document Management
  • GroupWise 6 Web Access
  • GroupWise 6 Wireless
  • cc.Mail to GroupWise 6 Transition Course
  • MS Outlook to GroupWise 6 Transition Course
  • GroupWise 4.x to 6 Transition Course
  • GroupWise 5.x to 6 Transition Course

Portable Training Labs

If you don't have a training lab and you don't want your employees traveling to a training center, Novell Education can turn an ordinary conference room into a customized technical learning facility.

Partner Solutions

Novell's partners provide a variety of products that expand the capacity and functionality of GroupWise 6. For complete list of Novell's partner solutions for GroupWise 6, see

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