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Posted: 30 Jan 2002

Version: GroupWise 6

What do we mean by sync or synchronization? Does it mean representing or arranging events to indicate coincidence or coexistence? Or something less esoteric? Every day we're bombarded by emails about tasks and appointments arriving in our GroupWise account. We print them out or copy them to our pocket diary or scraps of paper - anything so that we can have the information available while out of the office. Today, users need to access the same data they have in their mobile device, such as emails, calendar, task lists and address book entries, that they have in their GroupWise account.

Synchronization software automates these tasks at a click of a button. You can purchase sync software for just about every mobile device out there - but the trouble is, they are all different. If I change my device, I have to purchase new software to stay in sync. It gets even worse with more than one device, PDA or phone. You need to sync more than once each time to get all the devices in sync.

But help is at hand, Meet SyncML, the new era in data synchronization, SyncML is the common language for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network. SyncML leverages Extensible Markup Language (XML), making SyncML a truly future-proof platform. With SyncML, networked information can be synchronized with any mobile device, and mobile information can be synchronized with any networked applications.

With SyncML any personal information, such as email, calendars, to-do lists and contact information, will be consistent, accessible and up-to-date, no matter where the information is stored. For example, a calendar entry made to a mobile device on a business trip is equally available to a secretary in the GroupWise calendar. SyncML is the ultimate choice for remote synchronization. It has been designed especially with the wireless world's tight requirements in the mind.

SyncML minimizes the use of bandwidth and high network latency. It enables synchronization over fixed networks, infra-red, cable or Bluetooth. As an open, future-proof standard, SyncML is the synchronization choice for any device or application of the Mobile Information Society.

You might think that the GroupWise WebAccess gateway provides synchronization but this is not the case. WebAccess simply provides a window on the GroupWise data. Once the connection is lost, so is the data. The data is never transferred to the mobile device - but it is with the SyncWiseMobile Server Software.

SyncWiseMobile, from Toffa, is the only SyncML server available for GroupWise. And was certified as SyncML compliant by the SyncML Interoperability Committee following testing at SyncFest in San Francisco, CA, USA in November 2001.

Toffa is a leading developer of synchronization software for mobile devices. SyncWisePro is the product of choice among GroupWise users when synchronizing PalmOS devices. SyncWiseMobile enables GroupWise users to synchronize with any device conforming to the SyncML standard.

Figure 1: Web browser configuration program. Select which GroupWise address books you wish to sync with the SyncML device.

Take a look at what GroupWise customers say about Toffa products Synching PDAs with GroupWise.

For more information regarding Toffa SyncWisePro, visit the company's website at

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