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GroupWise 6 Best Practices Guide

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Posted: 3 Apr 2002

Current version: GroupWise 6

Download the .pdf version of the GroupWise Best Practices Guide here.


This guide serves as a set of considerations and guidelines for GroupWise administrators. It is not a comprehensive instruction set, and it is not intended to replace product manuals. Administrators using this guide should consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

It is intended that this will be a "living document" and content will be modified in the future.

We recognize that administrators are often restricted in the changes they may make to their GroupWise Systems. Depending on the state of the existing GroupWise system, some of the practices outlined below may be difficult or cost-ineffective to implement.

Use these guidelines wherever possible in expanding systems or creating new systems, but temper their application with your experience and knowledge of your organization's unique computing environment. Other useful documents can be found at:

You may also refer to our partners for more information, tools, and services.


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GroupWise Best Practices Guide February 2002

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