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Posted: 13 Mar 2002

Current version: GroupWise 6

Is your GroupWise archive database getting too big? Does it seem that you have too many messages in your GroupWise account? Would you like to extract old messages from your archives and store them in an easily accessible offline format? Nexic Personal Publisher is your solution providing numerous options for extracting data from your GroupWise account.

Nexic Personal Publisher allows you to export GroupWise messages (mail, appointments, tasks, notes, and phone messages) into various formats. The most common output format is the HTML Account List format, but you can export to HTML Message List, HTML Multi-Day List, ASCII delimited, ASCII Text, and WordPerfect Secondary Merge formats.

"There are various tools available for GroupWise, but one that really stands out is Nexic Personal Publisher," said Richard Bliss, manager of Collaboration product marketing at Novell. "Personal Publisher is one of the best methods for extracting messages from GroupWise. It is simple to use and provides significant value to the end user."

"Nexic Personal Publisher was designed to be very flexible, allowing the user to export their data in a format they can use," says Mark Featherstone of Nexic. "We provide numerous options to help you retrieve the exact data you are looking for. Search criteria include data ranges, item types, item locations, folders, and Nexic categories. For ASCII delimited and WordPerfect Merge formats you can specify the GroupWise fields to export as well as the field names and field order. Nexic Personal Publisher is very flexible."

"The HTML Account List format is by far the most common format used," says Featherstone. "We have developed a HTML output interface that looks very similar to the WebAccess 6 format. The advantage of using our HTML format, is that once the messages and attachments are exported, the output is not tied to GroupWise in any way. We have numerous users who are publishing their GroupWise archives using the HTML Account List format, then taking the HTML data and burning it to a CD. If they leave the company they can still have offline access to their messages and attachments using any browser"


"When I left the company I previously worked for, I wanted to take my GroupWise mail with me" says Jeff Stratford, President of Nexic. "Back then I had to archive all the messages to a GroupWise archive database before I left. Then later, because of my understanding of GroupWise, I recreated a GroupWise test system with the same Post Office, user ID and file ID just so I could open the archive. Whew! This process is not for the faint at heart."

"GroupWise 6 now allows you to open a GroupWise archive database in the remote GroupWise client. This would have been sufficient for me since I still use GroupWise," says Stratford. "For those users who in 5 years may not have access to the client setup or who don't want to have to install the GroupWise client just to read their mail, the HTML Account List format is what you need. The message output is 100% in the industry standard HTML format and can be accessed from any browser."

Publishing messages from your live account or archive database to HTML is just one of the powerful features. You can export messages in a specific folder into a format that can be merged into an Excel spreadsheet. You can also save a group of selected messages in ASCII Text format, instead of the default GroupWise mlm format.

Nexic Personal Publisher allows you to publish messages within shared folders to be used on the web, publish messages to a common file location to allow public access, publish project task messages which contain a specific Nexic categorization, publish a HTML view of appointments for a classroom or conference room, or to publish to an external database the sender=s e-mail address for all the messages you received in a specific time period.

For those who need to publish GroupWise items on a regular basis, Nexic Personal Publisher can help automate the publishing process. Using the Windows Task Scheduler program in Windows, you can create a task to run Nexic Personal Publisher with certain startup options. Every time the task event is triggered, the data is automatically published without user intervention.

These are only some of the possibilities with Nexic Personal Publisher. The list of what can be done goes on and on. If you want additional information you can download a 30-day evaluation version of Nexic Personal Publisher at:

Stay tuned for some major announcements from Nexic at Brainshare 2002 in Salt Lake City related to enterprise level message management and GroupWise. Brainshare attendees can also sign up for our session: "IO 211 - Increasing GroupWise Productivity Using Nexic Products" where we will give examples of how our products can benefit GroupWise users. We will also be in the Brainshare Technology Lab to answer questions.

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