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Posted: 1 May 2002

Increasing Revenues and Enhancing Customer Service
Using GroupWise Based CRM & Sales Force Automation

So ... how does GroupWise and other Novell technology help to grow top line revenue while leveraging your existing IT investments? Here is a cool real world case study, and a "starter" version. You can download and snap into GroupWise - - for free!

Corporate Profile

In early 2001 FNB Corporation was a $4.2 billion diversified financial services company serving banking, trust, consumer finance and insurance customers through ten community banking affiliates and other subsidiaries with 157 offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee. In just one year FNB Corporation has grown by over 50%, through acquisition and through aggressive customer service, to more than $6.7 billion in assets.

The Issue

One of FNB Corporation's affiliates had identified that they were losing possible business because customers were requesting services, but the correct people weren't following up with the customers in a timely manner. Having many branches, with loan officers and other financial service providers in various places complicated the matter. They wanted to automate a process where tellers and others working with the public could forward electronic referral forms to the correct respondents.

The Solution

GroupLink (a Novell partner quickly saw that FNB's immediate issue was part of a larger CRM view of their business processes. GroupLink designed and implemented a GroupWise and web-based, portal driven solution using existing GroupLink products (ContactWise Elite and Siris) and professional services. FNB Corporation was able to leverage its existing Novell NDS and GroupWise infrastructure by adding value with GroupLink software. Here is an example of what a Novell GroupWise / GroupLink based application and eReport might look like:

Return on Investment (ROI)

Estimated ROI from implementing this GroupLink and Novell solution:

Increased Sales Productivity (e.g., Sales referrals) 40%

Average Savings Per Employee:

Response Time reduced 90 - 100%
Errors / Rework reduced 80 - 90%
Learning Curve reduced 12 - 15%
Training Costs reduced 20 - 30%

Calculated Payback Time: Under 2 months

Currently FNB's project has four primary CRM functions:

  • Referral Form - Easy referral submission at the point of contact with the customers. Novell based.
  • Referral Routing - Instant notification via GroupWise to the correct respondent for the requested services, and storage into a CRM database with history views and sales force automation (ContactWise)
  • Referral Management - Referral Database. Any popular SQL based database.
  • Referral Reporting - Executive Reports via the web with GroupLink's eReport tool. Can be based on authentication through the eDirectory.

FNB has been so pleased with the immediate benefits of implementing the referral process, they have future expansion plans, including:

  • Web Interface for Managers
  • Novell GroupWise based CRM Corporate wide
  • Additional Forms and Routing Processes
  • Additional (Novell / GroupLink based) Referral Management Tools

For more information about this solution, or about growing your customer and service relationships using Novell and GroupWise technology, please contact GroupLink at or 1-801-298-9888.

Also - - Click here to download the "starter" version (snaps into GroupWise) - - for free!

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