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Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Chris Premo

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Posted: 8 Jan 2003

Here's a tool that Chris Premo built to help audit the e-mail that was moving through the GroupWise system he works with.

It keeps track of messages that are sent and received throughout the day and sends the system administrator a nightly report.

If you are in charge of e-mail auditing, give this tool a look. If the features don't impress you, the price will.

Changes for 1/8/2003 Version 1.78:

I corrected two reports that were not working. ("GroupWise - Total Messages - Daily Graph" and "GroupWise - Total Messages - Daily") The fix on the "GroupWise - Total Messages - Daily Graph" required the creation of a new table. However, for the time being, this table will reside in the front-end.

NOTE: You should periodically perform maintenance on the Front and Back-end databases by running the "Tools - Database Utilities - Compact and Repair Database" option. This will reduce the size of the databases which grow over time.

Changes for 1/6/2003 version 1.77:

  1. Added two new reports
    1. Inbound Message Senders with over X messages
    2. Inbound Message Domains with over X messages
  2. Where appropriate, reports are columnized to reduce paper wastage.
  3. Added a line in several reports to display the date range selected or the default dates of the data included in the report. (The default dates would be the first and last dates in the "Accounting Data Dates Imported" table.)

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