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Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 13 Jun 2002

Using GroupWise 6 WebAccess, you can enable users to access their GroupWise account using a web browser from workstations, laptops, or wireless devices. In this Novell Connection article, Linda Kennard explores the features available when you access GroupWise accounts through different types of devices.

Here's an excerpt:

As a network administrator, you probably spend as much or more time away from your desk as you spend at your desk--and you're not alone. In fact, if the company you work for is anything like Novell, you probably find during any 30-day period that at least 40 percent of your colleagues are also on the go.

These days, physical location doesn't necessarily define work. Whether you are in another building, in another state, on the road, in the air, at a restaurant, at a hotel, or at home, work is something you do--not where you are.

This statement is all the more true of the workforce Novell calls the deskless workforce. The deskless workforce includes employees who literally may not have a desk or, even if they have one, are seldom there. Deskless workers include field-service representatives, manufacturing personnel, transportation staff, distribution-center workers, warehouse employees, delivery agents, and store clerks.

Mobile employees and deskless workers present unique challenges. For example, setting up a corporate messaging and collaboration system that users can access from their desks is one thing. But how do you extend this system's services to users who aren't at their desk or who don't have a desk?

Setting up a web-based system that enables users to access the corporate collaboration application from any PC or laptop equipped with a browser is a good start. However, nomadic workers prefer to travel light. For some workers, even laptops are too cumbersome. Consequently, many mobile employees and most deskless workers carry only small devices, such as their cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

How do you enable users who carry such devices to easily and conveniently access the messaging and collaboration resources they need? Novell and its partners offer products designed to make accessing GroupWise 6 easy, fast, and secure from wherever you are--using the device of your choice.

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