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GroupWise and Sales Force Automation (SFA)

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Posted: 22 Aug 2002

Download Sales Force Automation (SFA) and see how to quickly add $$ to the bottom line.

Our friends at GroupLink? know what matters most to end users of GroupWise ? ease of use, and ROI. Improve sales and customer relationships while leveraging your GroupWise investment.

GroupLink's latest release, ContactWise 6.1, released the end of July, will enable you to create customer-managed relationships to deliver higher customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability. Here are examples of why many GroupWise users are praising the newest release of ContactWise:

"We will significantly increase yearly revenues by increasing the percentage of prospects who become buyers."
                - Ed Lowell, VP Sales, Village Homes
"GroupLink gives us a holistic view of each customer. This context has enabled us to grow revenues by providing world-class customer service."
                - David Scott, Director of IT, Public Financial Management

Specific benefits include the following:

  • Automate sales tracking, forecasting, pipeline management and customer status reports

  • Provide your employees, departments, and entire organization all customer information required to consistently satisfy each customer's requirements, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing profitability.

  • Provide a single view of your organization to your customer: whenever your customer calls, each and every employee will know who the customers are and what the customer's past interactions with your organization were in order to better enable your organization to meet their specific needs.

  • Automate the timely delivery of product and services information to each of your customers. This automation combined with the ability of the organization to measure how well they are doing in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue generation, and increased return on their marketing and sales dollar.

  • Ensure all customer commitments are met by having appointments and tasks posted to the appropriate person's or department's GroupWise calendar and PDA.

  • More

The full version of this new, user friendly version of ContactWise 6.1 is available for download from GroupLink's website. Here is a summary of benefits and features of this companion product to GroupWise:

Within 10 to 15 minutes after downloading this new release you will be able to use the following kinds of information and screens. This new technology will help you give Sales Force Automation to your GroupWise users.

Sales Force Automation examples. Includes history, calendar events and configurable data fields - ODBC and SQL enabled

Sales Force Automation Screen - provides the necessary fields and tabs to populate a organization's sales pipeline, do projections on future revenue, customize mandatory fields to match specific sales processes, marketing fundamentals, track accounts receivables, cash collections as well as determine marketing ROI, etc?

Sales Process - the categories listed above ship with ContactWise 6.1. Note that all property fields can be customized to match each organizations specific sales process.

Sales Information - this tab enables customer service representatives, telemarketing, telesales, account managers or anyone the organization determines to track customer information relevant to the sales, marketing and service process.

Accounts Receivable - provides the capability to track invoices, invoice amounts, payment types and cash collections. Each of these properties can be part of the ContactWise database, or stored in another application's (SQL) database. The data is also available for standard and custom reports for management analysis and action.

History Screen - provides all chronological interactions with all contacts so that whenever a contact calls into a organization, every person in the organization who has a ContactWise license, understand all past transactions with the contact. The contact never perceives that the "left hand" does not know what the "right hand" is doing. The History also prevents the embarrassment of a sales person trying to sell the contact a product or services, when the contact already has unresolved help desk tickets with the current product or service.

Events Screen - Similar to the "History" screen, the Events screen provides all future chronological events planned with all contacts. These events are also tied with the GroupWise calendar. The Events screen in ContactWise, however, is specific to events with the contact ? while the calendar in GroupWise is specific to the GroupWise user. The Events screen also prevents the embarrassment of a sales person trying to schedule an activity with the contact, when the contact has already scheduled similar tasks, appointments or "call backs" with the organization.

For additional information about ContactWise or GroupLink's other Novell / GroupWise solutions, please visit their website at

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