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Company Archive Policy Change Makes Big Difference

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Posted: 18 Sep 2002

In a recent NetWork World Fusion newsletter, Michael Osterman writes about a company that uses Novell GroupWise and how implementing a simple archive policy change had an important impact on their overall mail system performance.

Here's an excerpt:

The policy of archiving all content older than four months created a number of problems for this company. First, the archive grew so large that users of the system had difficulty accessing individual archives and locating documents and messages within the archive.

This situation prompted the organization to modify its archiving policy so that all messages older than six months would be automatically deleted, although all content is backed up daily to support regulatory audits. The result was that users were forced to manage their mailboxes and archive content appropriately.

In the four months following the change, administrators are finding that the new system works wonderfully.

Read the full article here:

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