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Provide Secure Customer Data Reports Using ContactWise 6.1

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By David Turner

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Posted: 26 Sep 2002

Reports ? reports!! Administrators and Executives Love the Reports this New eDirectory/GroupWise Enabled Application Provides

New product includes access to desktop and SQL reporting - utilizes NDS/eDirectory for access privileges and GroupWise for collaboration.

GroupLink's new ContactWise 6.1 allows access to much GroupWise based user data, and can also be used with NDS/eDirectory. ContactWise based reporting gives your SQL or GroupLink based reporting tools secure access to customer data and contact automation data - - - enabling you to deliver reports to administrators and executives reflecting performance against goals for customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, sales and customer service.

  • Provide secure report information reflecting customers, employees, departments, and other data from the entire organization. Provide reports for all customer information required to consistently satisfy each inquiry/complaint/request, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing team performance.

  • Provide secure, single view reports of your organization information needed to support your customers.

  • Automate the secure and timely delivery of report information on each of your customers or customer groups.

  • Securely measure how well your organization and people are doing in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased response results, and increased return on sales and marketing budgets.

  • Provide safe and secure information to ensure that all customer's commitments are met

As activity and pace increases in organizations, decision-making must become more decentralized. This movement away from executive decision-making can improve responsiveness to customers and can increase business agility. Hence the popularity of Contact Management, Customer Relationship and Sales Force Automation systems. The challenge is to give executive and junior managers alike the ability to make better decisions ? and provide that ability based on NDS/eDirectory privileges.

Included in GroupLink's latest Customer Relationship and Sales Force Automation solution (ContactWise v6.1) is the ability to access the data from desktop reporting, eReporting and SQL based reports. ContactWise, coupled with any of these reporting options, provides intelligible and interactive information and analysis, usable by executives and personnel at all levels in your organization.

ContactWise based reporting gives organizations a 360? customer view, by providing a common "reporting window" that enables detailed customer data analysis. It gives organizations the power to explore ways of cultivating, nurturing, and supporting valuable customers. The reporting options can also have unique power when addressing specific business verticals, such as:

    Financial Services
    Professional Services Organizations (Law, Accounting, Engineering services, I.T. services, etc.)

Using GroupLink's ContactWise based reporting, organizations can merge enterprise information (e.g., from ERP or other sources) with ContactWise based data to add increasing value to business decisions. Using ContactWise based reporting, users can leverage the information from these applications as quickly as possible. They can go beyond process automation, maximize return on investment, and extend the visibility and reach of the ERP applications and customer processes within the organization.

Users of reports are no longer limited to periodic, scheduled, static reports. Even non-technical users can have self-service and secure access to controlled data for analysis and report generation.

Following are examples of output from ContactWise based reporting (examples are from GroupLink's eReporting tool):

The full version of this new, user friendly version of ContactWise 6.1 is available for download from GroupLink's website (

ContactWise based reporting allows access to much GroupWise based user data, and can also be used with NDS/eDirectory. ContactWise based reporting will help your organization provide higher customer satisfaction and will enhance productivity of your GroupWise users. For additional information about ContactWise or GroupLink's other Novell eDirectory/GroupWise solutions, please visit their website at

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