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Finding Users With Large Attachments In A GroupWise 6 Post Office

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 6 Nov 2002

The following is a document that can help a GroupWise administrator determine who might have particularly large attachments. The GroupWise administrator can then communicate with these users and ask them to remove the message with the large attachment.

Defining the Mailbox/Library Maintenance Routine

This solution can be particularly helpful for administrators who have a GroupWise post office that is low on disk space. In the scenario in this document, the administrator is looking for attachments over 2000 KB (2 Megabytes). Of course you may want to increase this to 10 Megabytes or even more based on the norms for your organization.

  1. In ConsoleOne, highlight the post office that you want to focus on

  2. Select Tools|GroupWise Utilities|Mailbox/Library Maintenance

  3. Configure the Mailbox/Library Maintenance as show in Figure 1

Figure 1

NOTE: Make sure to use "Verbose logging", also make sure the Log is sent to the Administrator. Also, don't let the term "Expire Statistics" scare you, this will not delete any messages.

Interpreting the Mailbox/Library Maintenance Log
  1. View the GWCHECK.LOG using the GroupWise viewer in the GroupWise 32-bit client.

  2. Search (F2) the log file for the string "ExpireSize" as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

Now let's explain what this log is telling us.

  1. First off, all of a user's messages are listed in the log, whether or not it is a message with a large attachment.

  2. The user with the Mailbox ID if DZANRE and the name of Danita Zanre has a message in her mailbox with a size of about 45 megabytes. This exceeds the Expire Size defined in the Mailbox/Library Maintenance routine, so the log points this message out with the string that reads: "Item is larger than ExpireSize - contains 458883111 bytes.

  3. The message was sent to Danita Zanre by the user Joe User on 10/29/02 at 2:46 P.M.

With a simple GWCHECK.LOG file a GroupWise administrator can easily identify users who are using up disk space with large attachments. Armed with this knowledge, a GroupWise administrator can then contact users whose attachments are helping to contribute to low-disk space on a post office.

About the Author: Tay Kratzer works for Novell as a Primary Support Engineer (PSE) for three of Novell's large accounts. Tay is the author of Novell's GroupWise 6 Administrator's Guide, and co-author of GroupWise 6 Upgrade Guide, and GroupWise WebAccess & Wireless User's Guide available at:

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