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Planning for GroupWise 6.5 Integration with High Impact Users

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Posted: 8 Jan 2003

Planning for GroupWise 6.5 Integration with High Impact Users (Sales and Marketing)

Leverage your existing infrastructure to offer seamless access to customer information for "High Impact" (Sales and Marketing) users of GroupWise.

You are planning on implementing GroupWise v6.5. You know that keeping up with the latest GroupWise and Novell technologies will bring big benefits. But how do you show your executives that this will help them and your users perform better and add to the "bottom line"? Recommendation: Start with the "High Impact" users. You can download a free demo of what to show them here:

High Impact Users

"High Impact" users are those people and organizations that can show the most benefit (the largest "per user" impact on the bottom line) through GroupWise integration. High Impact users are frequently found in the sales, marketing or customer relations side of the business. By integrating GroupWise with Sales Force Automation (or SFA ) you will give those front line money makers the tools necessary to make their interactions with customers faster, more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Our partners at GroupLink? ( have developed tight integration between their product ContactWise? and GroupWise? - - aimed first at "High Impact" users. This integration also allows you to effortlessly upgrade to the next release of GroupWise (v6.5). Users will benefit from a single, comprehensive view of all relevant data needed during customer transactions. They will appreciate that GroupWise is the central component in this powerful business solution.

High Impact Examples

The GroupLink software is a way to collect information about the people, groups or projects your organization interacts with, to share that information easily within the organization, and to be able to use that information to improve productivity, marketing, customer service and more. In other words, it's not just about the sales force any more. Not every GroupWise user is a "High Impact" user, but everyone in your organization has need of some level of integration between their customer interaction and their GroupWise system.

GroupLink is dedicated to helping companies increase revenue, manage customer relationships, and deliver world-class customer service ? This means businesses obtain a single online view of all interactions and information necessary for servicing and/or selling to their customers.

For additional information about ContactWise or GroupLink's other Novell eDirectory/GroupWise solutions, please visit their website at You can also call 801-858-0330 and download a free demo:

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