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Leveraging Your GroupWise Investment To Increase Revenue

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Posted: 29 Jan 2003

Leveraging Your GroupWise Investment To Increase Revenue

You're in the hot seat to give your users solutions. Your solutions must be cost effective, quick to implement, and use your existing I.T. investment

You make recommendations that not only save your company resources, but also promote the I.T. infrastructure you built and maintain. Here is help on how to:

  • Leverage your existing GroupWise infrastructure
  • Receive executive support & funding to upgrade to GW 6.5
  • Realize a payback on your investment in 2 - 3 months
  • Produce powerful, rapid increases in productivity

A highly visible way to make your GroupWise payback stand out is to make GroupWise a success in your organization's sales and marketing department. Sales Force Automation (SFA) integration with GroupWise to be precise.

If your salespeople have been clamoring for a salesforce automation solution that supports GroupWise (and you know they have!) you've probably been frustrated with what you've found. There are a million little SFA and contact management solutions out there that support Outlook. Perhaps you even broke down and purchased one of them out of sheer desperation. But the lack of GroupWise integration no doubt drives everyone crazy.

We know your company has limited resources. But your salespeople are expected not only to service their existing customers (and do it extremely well), but to aggressively go after new business that will dramatically increase sales. Given that you've got a tight budget and an already overextended IT staff, what are you going to do?

"We will significantly increase yearly revenues by increasing the percentage of prospects who become buyers."

Ed Lowell, VP Sales, Village Homes

The answer is ContactWise, the only salesforce automation solution that integrates with your chosen environment out of the box. This is not an overblown CRM system that sings, dances, and tells time. This is a tool to allow your salespeople to be more effective, more proactive, and close more deals in less time.

If you're still not convinced that SFA solutions are necessary to increase sales, consider this. In this economy, most companies are hanging on by their fingernails. You have GOT to establish long-term, profitable relationships with your customers in order to stay in business. If your customers take their business elsewhere, your sales team has to bring on a lot of new accounts every month to replace the revenue you've lost. This is a huge challenge when companies are not spending money as freely as they were just two years ago. Wouldn't it just make more sense to keep your current account base happy and sell them more stuff?

Enter ContactWise, a simple to deploy, fully functioning salesforce automation solution at a very modest price point. Your sales department will be able to see their current customers, what they've purchased in the past, and sell them additional products and services based on their buying history. If you can improve customer acquisition, customer retention, and increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, you've just seen a huge return on investment. In fact, most of our customers see an ROI of less than 90 days.

FNB Corporation has seen a 90% increase in sales referrals and a 40% increase in effective closures.

What would a 40% increase in revenue mean to your bottom line?

So the lesson here is this - you, as an IT professional, can give your sales department the tools they need to succeed. They sell more, revenue goes up, the company increases market share, and everybody's happy. Don't settle for a solution that doesn't support your environment. Get ContactWise and get on with business!

Download your free 30-day evaluation copy at:

For more information please e-mail or call 801-858-0330.

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