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Finding Potential Proxy Rights Errors In GroupWise

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 5 Feb 2003

In this document Tay Kratzer explains how GroupWise 6 administrators can find out if users may have unknowingly given rights to ?<All User Access>?, what the specific rights are, and if needed, how to remove the rights using GWCHECK and a new utility called GroupWise Check Proxy Access.

Here's an excerpt:

Sometimes users give GroupWise proxy rights to ?<All User Access>?. Generally users have done this inadvertently. Doing so allows all users in the GroupWise system to proxy to this user in some manner. Giving certain rights to ?All User Access? does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem. For example: in some organizations the established policy is to give ?<All User Access>? to Read GroupWise appointments. In some cases however; users have unknowingly given rights to ?<All User Access>?. It's these cases that an administrator is generally trying to identify and resolve.

Using the information from this document a GroupWise 6 administrator will be able to do the following:

  • Determine if anyone has given rights to ?<All User Access>?
  • Determine the specific rights given to ?<All User Access>?
  • Remove the rights given to ?<All User Access>? with GWCHECK if needed (GroupWise 6.x and above)

Read the full document here. (pdf format)

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