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First Look: GroupWise 6.5

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By Novell Connection Magazine

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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

GroupWise 6.5 includes numerous improvements for users and administrators alike. Come and learn about all the new features and improvements in this Novell Connection article by Eric Harper.

Here's an excerpt:

In an economic environment where software sales are soft, any product that is showing growth is truly unique. Novell GroupWise is one of those products. One reason for this could be because the alternatives don't look too attractive right now. Skyrocketing upgrade costs and security problems are scaring users and administrators away from Microsoft Exchange. Too, Lotus is just now making a move to industry standards that are forcing all Notes users to re-invest and re-develop their infrastructure.

In contrast, GroupWise momentum is building. According to Gartner, "Investments in GroupWise are good through at least 2005." Novell is committed to the product, and has strategic direction mapped out for the next several years. The next milestone in that map is the soon-to-be-released version 6.5.

Adding to the many features that have made GroupWise unique among its competition, Novell engineers have created several new benefits that make this release a must-have upgrade. The product boasts some impressive changes that users will love?and administrators will appreciate.

First Look: GroupWise 6.5
(New interface for users, New tools for administrators)

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