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Posted: 5 Mar 2003

The next level of GroupWise is here, and with it, a whole new measure of productivity and security. What GroupWise 6.5 offers is the client enhancements you've been asking for, with improved tools for managing contacts and workload, communicating with colleagues and accessing information any time, anywhere-whether from a Web browser or PDA.

Specific benefits of GroupWise 6.5 include collaboration and messaging that is highly available, secure, and works across platforms and on any device.

  • Simplify communications throughout the Net - To help streamline internal and external communications, GroupWise 6.5 provides integrated e-mail, scheduling, and task, contact, and document management capabilities across traditional, Web-based, and wireless clients.

  • Secure the confidentiality and availability of vital information - To ensure that your communication takes place in a secure environment, GroupWise 6.5 adheres to the highest industry standards for security, providing complete confidentiality and authentication of communications through every point in the system. In addition, industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security can be added to connections between clients and GroupWise mailboxes.

  • Accelerate organizational responsiveness and productivity - To help you respond to your continually changing environment, GroupWise 6.5 increases the responsiveness and productivity of individuals and groups across the Net by allowing you to rapidly share information and collaborate. Integration with Novell? eDirectory drives administrative efficiency that lowers costs and enables administrators to join forces with lines of business in adapting and optimizing business processes. GroupWise 6.5 leverages Novell Cluster Services? and the extreme reliability of Novell NetWare? to ensure 99.99 percent availability and near-instantaneous responsiveness of vital communications systems.

  • Protect against spam and viruses - To protect users from unwanted Internet e-mail messages (spam), GroupWise 6.5 provides a new Junk Mail Handling feature, so that users can automatically identify and file spam in a Junk Mail folder and so that administrators can proactively reject messages from known open relay hosts and spam hosts. To protect your GroupWise system from virus infiltration, you can integrate third-party virus-scanning software into GroupWise to prevent virus damage to your GroupWise system.

Download the GroupWise 6.5 Eval here:

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