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Newest "Sales Force Automation" (SFA) with GroupWise

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Posted: 5 Mar 2003

Newest "Sales Force Automation" (SFA) with GroupWise

Here are the top 3 priorities for implementing your Sales Force Automation (SFA): 1) Tie it to GroupWise; 2) Tie it to GroupWise; 3) Tie it to GroupWise.

Cool News! Our Cool Solutions partners are announcing the latest release of ContactWise, the premier Sales Force Automation (SFA) and customer relationship management solution for Novell technologies.

This new version of ContactWise, a GroupLink product, builds on Novell GroupWise with its award winning Sales Force Automation and advanced contact management solution. The latest new features include "Application Launcher"; ability to have organizations linked to organizations; new filtering and grouping capability; and others.

ContactWise will enable GroupWise users to create Sales Force Automation and customer-managed relationships to deliver higher customer satisfaction, enhanced profitability and greater productivity. You can download the new ContactWise at

Novell customers, including Oceaneering, LMC, New York City, First National Bank, Village Homes and many others are all praising ContactWise. The business benefits of ContactWise include:

  1. Providing your employees, departments, and entire organization all customer information required to consistently satisfy each customer's requirements, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing profitability.

  2. Providing a single view of your organization to your customer: whenever your customer calls, each and every employee will know who the customer is and what the customer's past interactions with your organization were in order to better enable your organization to meet their specific needs.

  3. Automating the timely delivery of product and services information to each of your customers. This automation combined with the ability of the company to measure how well they are doing in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue generation, and increased return on their marketing and sales dollar.

  4. Ensuring all customer commitments are met by having appointments and tasks posted to the appropriate person's or department's GroupWise calendar and PDA.

  5. Integrating your Novell and GroupWise infrastructure with key, customer related, business processes. This includes web based eReferral solutions, customer / constituent portals and sales management solutions.

As organizations make plans for their future use of GroupWise, many also begin a discussion about how they want to build upon their GroupWise and eDirectory infrastructure. Many solutions which organizations want to integrate to GroupWise are designed to help them satisfy and keep customers, increasing top-line and bottom-line results.

Here is a quick list of the most talked-about benefits of using ContactWise:

  • Associate contact knowledgebase with GroupWise calendar event, phone calls, tasks, etc.
  • Provide team-based customer management / service
  • Assign eDirectory linked Security Privileges based on Function or Group associations
  • Report on Sales Force Automation (SFA) productivity and opportunity
  • Report on other customer related measures, using data from ContactWise, or from a combination of ContactWise and other business systems
  • Deploy Sales Force Automation (SFA) capability to office and field users
  • Tie a web based interface and eReferral solution to the ContactWise system
  • Office Automation: tracking accounts receivable and cash collections
  • Track vital project or contact information, specific to your organization
  • Attach important files (e.g. specs, price quotes, etc.) to any contact record
  • Empower your sale, marketing and support team with full featured contact management ? or with extensions of Sales Force Automation (SFA), web based eReferrals and customer relationship management solutions
  • And many others ?

To experience a product overview demo and see what's new with ContactWise go to:

About GroupLink:

GroupLink is the world's leading provider of sales force automation and contact management solutions that seamlessly integrate with GroupWise, eDirectory/NDS, and other Novell technologies. GroupLink's ContactWise solution allows you to put the focus of your business where it belongs - on your customers.

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