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Posted: 20 Mar 2003

The Novell? one Net vision is about enabling people to work together, work smarter and work from anywhere. Not only from desktop and laptop computers, but also from the increasingly popular handheld devices. Palm Inc., with its Palm handheld devices and Palm OS* platform, is the standard in handheld information management. Now, with products from Novell partners, you can give your mobile workers secure access to GroupWise? from Palm-powered handheld devices like those from Palm, Handspring and Kyocera.

partnerships that power your workforce

With Novell partner solutions, GroupWise customers can deliver secure, mobile access to GroupWise right from Palm-powered handheld devices. The result: enhanced productivity for the mobile workforce and increased return on their investment in GroupWise.

Novell has partnered with the industry's leading providers of mobile and wireless solutions to extend GroupWise access to handheld devices that run Palm OS. These partnerships are delivering the security, mobility, productivity and low cost of ownership that businesses need for success in the Net economy.

Nexic Synchronis* is an innovative GroupWise client for the Palm OS that lets people send and receive e-mail; schedule, accept and decline appointments, tasks or notes; delete and retract messages; view calendar items in month and day views; and view any of their GroupWise folders. Most of the menus, dialogs and messages are exactly the same as they are in the GroupWise Windows client, so users enjoy a GroupWise like experience on the handheld device. That means no time-consuming and costly retraining of GroupWise users.

Intellisync* software from Pumatech keeps your mobile workforce current with direct, two-way synchronization between PCs and Palm-powered handheld devices. People can synchronize e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks with GroupWise? so they can stay in touch wherever they are. And advanced capabilities like intelligent field mapping, custom filtering and full conflict resolution ensure unparalleled accuracy, convenience and reliability.

Many other Novell partners offer synchronization products that enable users of Palm-powered handhelds to tap into the power of GroupWise.

  • SyncWiseMobile from Toffa International enables GroupWise users to synchronize with any device that conforms to the SyncML standard. SyncML is the common language for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network.

  • NotifyLink* from Notify Technology Corporation gives mobile professionals real-time ?Over-the- Air? Synchronization and ?Push Notification? of e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks. Users can read, compose, reply, forward and delete messages from a wireless two-way device.

  • Syclo Information Manager? Sync (SIMSync) is a server-based solution that synchronizes data between GroupWise and palm pilots. It supports docking cradle, dial-up and wireless communications and eliminates the need for desktop software.

connect mobile workers securely

GroupWise gives you the best security available? not only for employees at headquarters, but also for people who connect from outside the firewall. GroupWise supports open security standards, so you can maintain secure, authenticated communications both internally and externally. Palm integration solutions from our partners take advantage of industry-standard security technology to protect information that goes through the GroupWise system to Palm-powered handheld devices.

work smarter, work anywhere

GroupWise keeps people in touch and informed, so they can work together with optimum efficiency.

And with Palm integration, people on the go can get to e-mail, calendars and other GroupWise information quickly and securely. The combination of GroupWise and Palm translates into significant productivity gains that make your business more efficient and more profitable.

reduce ownership costs

GroupWise already offers the lowest cost per user of any of the leading communication and collaboration solutions. And Novell's aggressive pricing for Web- and wireless-only licenses enables you to extend access to mobile employees at a very affordable price. GroupWise is highly efficient, so you can support many more users on a single server than with competing solutions. So even if you have a large mobile workforce, you can minimize hardware acquisition, deployment and administrative costs.

With the addition of Novell ZENworks? for Handhelds, you get automated management for your growing population of handheld devices. ZENworks helps you reduce ownership costs, strengthen corporate data security and increase productivity for your mobile workforce.

Novell Nterprise??business in motion

GroupWise is a key component of the Novell Nterprise? solution family, which enables and manages the constant interaction of people with business systems. To learn more about GroupWise and Novell partner solutions for mobile and wireless access, visit

for more information

Find out how Novell GroupWise can enhance security, mobility and productivity in your organization, while reducing the cost of delivering communication and collaboration services. Visit:

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