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GWMigrate - Exchange To GroupWise Migration Tool

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Posted: 1 May 2003

GWMigrate - Exchange To GroupWise Migration Tool v2.1
by KSJ Solutions

One of the big hits in BrainShare 2003's One Net Solutions Lab was the Exchange to GroupWise Migration tool at the Caledonia booth. It got the attention of attendees, speakers and developers alike! And the reviews back from those who have used it confirm it does exactly what it sets out to do.

GWMigrate is designed to ease the migration of Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000 users to a GroupWise environment. It basically works by traversing the folders in a user's Outlook mailbox, and recreating the same structure in a GroupWise mailbox within a folder called "Old Outlook Items".

GWMigrate (and further details on it's capabilities) is available at Caledonia Network Consulting.

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