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Over-the-Air Synchronization with GroupWise

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Posted: 10 Apr 2003

Synchronize GroupWise and just about every mobile phone
and PDA you can think of.

SyncWiseEnterprise - A truly enterprise-wide server technology offering un-paralleled synchronization connectivity for GroupWise.

  • Highly effective synchronization solution for mobile workforce.

  • Extends your network to encompass all employees, from the traditionally connected desk based workers to the mobile workers on the front line of the business. Users can communicate at any time, from anywhere, using any SyncML compliant mobile device, that's just about every mobile phone and PDA you can think of.

  • Enhances organizational effectiveness by facilitating co-operative efforts among individuals, groups and teams.

  • Scales to fit any size environment.

  • Highly efficient architecture produces maximum performance. Administrators can easily add accounts as demand increases, without reinstalling or losing any of the configuration information and without disrupting system operation.

  • Minimizes training requirements and ensures that users ramp up to full productivity almost immediately. Users can access e-mail, calendars etc. through standard PDA and smartphone applications.

SyncWiseEnterprise is server technology and therefore any compliant device can access it regardless of connectivity be this over-the-air, in a cradle, using a modem etc. it also allows the user to sync using any cradle, even in another organization as the web address of the SyncWiseEnterprise server is client-side configured.

All SyncML enabled mobile devices and PDA's have native collaboration applications like e-mail, address books, todo lists, calendars etc. Leveraging SyncWiseEnterprise all the information stored in GroupWise can be replicated to the applications on these mobile devices, empowering the user regardless of location.

Large enterprises have invested millions to implement communication and collaboration tools that make their desk-based workers, that is to say people typically working from a desk and have a dedicated desktop computer and perhaps a laptop computer as well, more productive. These employees exchange information effortlessly using e-mail, manage their time more efficiently with calendaring and task management tools to do their jobs more effectively.

Until now, however, mobile workers, and that's typically more than half of all employees in the typical enterprise have been left behind. Most organizations find that it's too costly and complex to equip this large employee group with e-mail and calendaring capabilities. In order to succeed in today's Mobile Information Society, organizations must find ways to empower this important employee group by enabling them to communicate and collaborate electronically. New technologies and the Internet are reducing the cost and complexity of providing synchronized mobile devices.

Enterprises need a synchronization solution that permits easy, cost-effective, anywhere, anytime access by mobile workers. In addition, the solution must also support access by the current base of office based workers who use existing desktop synchronization systems, that solution is SyncWiseEnterprise and the solution of choice for any device or application of the Mobile Information Society.

SyncWiseEnterprise Supports an ever increasing number of mobile devices including:

  • PalmOS devices - Palm, Handspring, Sony, Symbol, Samsung, Kyocera, HandEra, Garmin, Fossil, AlohaSmart and Acer.

  • PocketPC devices - Compaq/HP iPaq, Casio Cassiopea, Toshiba 2023, Zayo A600, ViewSonic, Siemens SX56, Alaska Cove, Dell Axim plus smartphone devices like , Audiovox, T-Mobile, NEC MobilePro, Orange SPV etc.

  • Native SyncML devices - There are currently 110 SyncML compliant products- here are just a few:- Ericsson T68, T68I, T39m, T65, R520m, P800, Nokia 9210 ,9290, 7650, 8330, Siemens AG S55, 3RSoft SyncStudio, Alcatel ONE TOUCH 715, BenQ S830C, DCM Technologies Ltd. SyncML Client, EVERelite, Matsushita - Panasonic GD87, Motorola A830, NEC KMP6J1F1, Neosteps SyncLE , Samsung Client, Siemens AG S55, Simbit Simsave.

And more significantly SyncML was added as a native component of the Symbian OS version 7.0, so every new device built on Symbian 7.0 and above will have a native SyncML client.


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