Sending Secure and Encrypted Messages with GroupWise 6.5

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 22 May 2003

This AppNote explains how to send secure and encrypted e-mail messages, which can only be received and read by the stated recipient. It details the preparatory steps that must be taken by the GroupWise administrator, and then presents a User's Guide for instructing users how to proceed.


  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Administrator Actions
  • Overview of End-User Actions
  • Sending Secure/Encrypted Messages with GroupWise 6.5: User's Guide

Here's an excerpt:


Some e-mail users are required to send secure and encrypted messages. A "secure" message is one that only the stated recipient can receive. An "encrypted" message is one that can only be read by the stated recipient. Examples of messages that you may want to send secure and encrypted include:

  • Contract information
  • Trade secrets
  • Purchase requisitions
  • SEC-restricted information
  • HIPAA-restricted information

When you send a secure and encrypted message, the entire message body and the attachments are encrypted. The recipient addresses and the subject of the message are not encrypted.

Here's where to get the full story: http://developer.novell.com/research/appnotes/2003/may/02/a030502.htm.

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