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Importing Calendar Information from Sony Clie'

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By Alan Gilman

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Posted: 22 May 2003

Problem: User had previously used a Palm III to export his calendar from the Palm device into GroupWise. He then purchased a new Sony Clie' and had synch'd his Clie' with his Palm desktop software at home. So he has everything from the Palm III on the Clie'. Then he exported his calendar from his Clie' into GroupWise and ended up with multiple entries of every appointment & reminder note.


Since he was just exporting his calendar into GroupWise and mainly working on the Palm, I could delete everything in GroupWise and have him export again, using the Clie'. I had to find a way to select all of the entries and delete them all at once. I used the Advanced Find to gather all of the appointments & notes and then pressed CTRL+A, then Delete. This gave me a clean calendar. Then I exported using the Clie' and all was good.

  • EXAMPLE: CTRL-F ... opens Find
  • Uncheck everything except Calendar.
  • Check Appointments & Notes.
  • Click Find, then CTRL+A, then delete.

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