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Post Office Agent Error Fix

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By Dhanesh Shah

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Posted: 26 Jun 2003

Problem: The Post Office Agent will not load and gives the following error:

Error: "DA0E, /home Switch is Required" everytime when you restart your O/S.

Loading the Post Office Agent at the console with /home switch is successful.

Note: The Operating system is Windows 2000 and not NetWare.

Reason of Problem:

The problem started after applying Groupwise Support Pack 3. It has corrupted the startup file. (*.POA)

When you check the POA startup file, the /home switch is already enabled and path to the server is also OK. Then the error occurs and it does not start the POA and MTA agent services automatically in Windows 2000.

Solution: In Windows 2000, we have to create a virtual SYS volume for NDS/eDirectory to work.

Go to registry HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<name of POA service>

Check the "Parm" value under this key.

It will show you the path of the mapped Volume..

Change this to the local machine path.

Also, after manually starting the POA, select Configuration from the menu, then Edit Startup File.
Verify that the switches are correct.

This should fix the problem.

If someone has the same error using a NetWare server, please check this link:

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